RIM 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular RIM Articles for 2002

HP confirms the release of the iPAQ H1900 (Picture)

The entry-level Pocket PC market is moving into the hot and heavy stage as a handful of manufacturers prep PDA's for November/December releases. HP will not be denied, bringing to[...]

BlackBerry: Device or Technology?

We may soon see RIM's wireless email solution popping up in devices other than its own, and on higher-speed networks

RIM BlackBerry: Device or Technology?

RIM e-mail— It’s not just for BlackBerrys anymore! We'll tell you about the high speed plans for this established competitor.

Court Rules Blackberry Infringes on NTP Patents

A federal jury has ruled that RIM's Blackberry wireless handhelds infringe on some patents held by NTP and ordered the company to pay $23 million.

GoodLink may be bad for RIM

Good Technology's GoodLink wireless email software will soon work in Pocket PCs, Palm Powered handhelds, and BlackBerry devices--and it's got devices of its own too. Think RIM is concerned? You[...]

Nextel Offering New Blackberry

RIM has developed the BlackBerry 6510, a smartphone that runs on Nextel's wireless networks and offers web surfing and email.

BrightBytes™: RIM 857, Bluetooth GPS, Treo 270 in China

RIM is increasing the 857's memory, Socket is releasing a Bluetooth GPS receiver for the Pocket PC, the Treo 270 will soon be available in China, and more.

Should Palm license BlackBerry?

Palm's i705 competes head-to-head with RIM's BlackBerry, but is there a way that both parties can win?

REVIEW: Palm Pilot i705

Palm s latest device replaces the venerable Palm VII that has had a very long life. The i705 also jumps into competition with Blackberry and other mobile email devices. The[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM, Batteries, Truefax, Worms, Pocket RDA

RIM's quarterly results, replacements for internal batteries, send and receive faxes, play Worms World Party, and access databases remotely.

BrightBytes™: Nokia, Quickoffice, Sunnysoft

Nokia to license RIM's email software, Quickoffice 6.2 supports Palm OS 5, new offline Internet reader for Pocket PC, and more.

BrightBytes™: RIM, T-Mobile, Pocket Informant, and More

There is good and bad financial news from RIM, T-Mobile has released a ROM update for its Pocket PC Phone Edition, Pocket Informant has been updated, and more.

Handheld Head-To-Head

NEW YORK - Whether Handspring likes it or not, its Treo Communicator device is going to be compared to the Blackberry e-mail pager.

BrightBytes™: RIM, Kyocera, ViewSonic, Bluetooth

Updated RIM has announced GSM/GPRS devices, Kyocera has renewed its Palm OS licence, and Microsoft is adding limited Bluetooth support to WinXP.

Remember those cool Casio calculator watches?

It looks like Casio's going to trim back some of their less profitable business units, including personal pocket pc devices. Watch calculators? We'll have to wait and see.

BrightBytes™: RIM, PocketMac, Smartphone

Palm licenses RIMS's keyboard technology, new version of PocketMac, Sendo dumps Microsoft's Smartphone 2002, and more.

BrightBytes™: RIM, MultiPivot, Palm Reader

Handspring and RIM settle patent lawsuit, MultiPivot is a new stand for all types of handhelds, new version of the Palm Reader for desktops, and more.

RIM to develop BlackBerry with Motorola, Nextel

RESTON, Va., Jan 24 (Reuters) - Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) (RIMM) and network carrier Nextel Communications Inc. (NXTL) said on Thursday they would work with Motorola Inc.(MOT) to develop[...]

RIM set to release next generation BlackBerry

Research In Motion Ltd. will announce today the commercial launch of its new BlackBerry pager that allows users to send and receive both phone calls and e-mail.

Nokia to release Blackberry devices in 2003

Nokia plans on attacking the broader business market with a series of phones featuring the Blackberry operating system. The first effort is the Nokia 6800 which will sell for $250[...]