RIM 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular RIM Articles for 2003

Sony CLIE TJ35 Full Review

The Sony CLIE TJ35 is the latest compact PDA offering from Sony. It has a new, thinner shape comprised of convincingly metalized plastic and polished (real) aluminum trim where it[...]

Tapwave Announces Palm Powered Handheld for Serious Gamers

People who primarily use their handheld for playing games will soon have a device designed with them in mind. Unlike other portable gaming devices, the Helix will be able[...]

First BlackBerry Word Processing Application Released

eWord is the first application for the BlackBerry platform that can create and edit Microsoft Word documents.

For AOL, Sidekick is in, RIM is out

AOL is discontinuing the wireless device developed for it by RIM in favor of the new color Sidekick designed by Danger Inc.

New Handhelds Expected at DEMOmobile

DEMOmobile is a prime venue for launching new products and its organizers says new handhelds, software, and peripherals will be announced at this year's conference.

RIM Under a Death Sentence, Gets a Stay of Execution

A federal judge has issued an injunction barring Research In Motion from selling the BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds. However, this won’t take effect until after RIM has a[...]

Color BlackBerry Debuts in U.S.

Later today, T-Mobile will begin offering the BlackBerry 7230, the first model in this line of wireless handhelds to have a color screen. Like other BlackBerry models, it will[...]

RumorMill™: HP May Acquire RIM

According to a Wall Street rumor, HP may be planning to buy Research in Motion -- creator of the BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds -- to get help creating[...]

Color Palm OS 5 Device Coming from WebLink Wireless

WebLink Wireless is going to release later this year a handheld with an “always-on” wireless connection that will compete with the RIM Blackberry.

RIM Loses Another Round in Wireless Email Patent Dispute

According to Reuters, a U.S. District Court judge in Virginia has ordered Research In Motion (RIM) to pay NTP Software nearly $9 million in damages for infringing on NTP's wireless[...]

Nokia’s N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Now Available

While all smart phones can play some games, gaming is the N-Gage’s primary focus. This device is now available worldwide, including many retailers in the U.S.

RIM Developing BlackBerry with Wi-Fi

Research in Motion has confirmed that it is working on a version of its BlackBerry smart phone that will include Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Review — Sony Clie Digital Video Recorder

Sony has been great for PDA owners for one primary reason; they push the limits of the operating system and hardware to create great devices. This time they've innovated with[...]

RIM Makes Deals with Microsoft and Symbian

Users of Symbian OS and both Microsoft's mobile operating systems may be able to use the BlackBerry email service in the future.

RIM Introduces New BlackBerry Models for Europe

The new BlackBerry 6210 and 6220 are smaller, have more memory, and can read email attachments.

RIM’s Blackberry Going Color

RIM’s chairman has announced that a color version of the Blackbery wireless pager will be released in a few months.

RIM Reports a Very Profitable Quarter

RIM's revenues more than doubled when compared with the same quarter last year, and the company says it expects to be even more profitable during the next two quarters.

N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Debuting Next Week

While all smart phones can play games, gaming is the N-Gage's primary focus. The worldwide launch of this device is set for a week from today.

BrightBytes™: iPAQ h3800 Upgrade, RIM, Spb Benchmark, and More

Updated HP offers an OS upgrade for the h3800 series but not the h1910; RIM announces its quarterly earnings; Spb Software House releases its Pocket PC benchmarking tool; and more.[...]

BrightBytes™: Color BlackBerry, Battery Kit, and More

The BlackBerry 7210 is available from AT&T; Pocket PC Techs has a kit that will increase the battery life of a Pocket PC Phone; and More.