RIM 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular RIM Articles for 2005

HP iPaq hx2750 Review

This is primarily a review of the HP iPaq hx2750. It also covers the iPaq hx2755, which is identical to the hx2750 in all relevant details.

Motorola Q Announced (pictures)

Rumors have been rampant about a Motorola Smartphone in the RAZR form factor designed to take on the Treo 650 and BlackBerry devices head on. Well it's official now, the[...]

PDA News – False Treo unlock codes, HP CEO ousted, MDA IV Quad-Band?

False unlock codes for Treo 650 circulating Carly Fiorina removed as HP CEO MDA IV may be quad-band WiFi enabled Blackberry, sans cellular

Motorola Unveils Thin, Light Smartphone with Keyboard

The Motorola Q is a Windows Mobile device clearly intended to take sales away from the Treo and BlackBerry.

Gameboy Advance Emulation Comes to the Palm OS

Crimson Fire has released the Gameboy Advance (GBA) portion of its Firestorm emulator for the Palm OS.

Handango Says BlackBerry Software Sales About to Soar

One of the leading retailers of mobile software says there are a number of trends that indicate that third-party applications for BlackBerry wireless handhelds have reached the point at which[...]

BlackBerry Smartphone Coming to Cingular

According to rumor, Cingular is going to be the next wireless carrier to offer a version of RIM's first smartphone.

Tapwave Turns Down Gameboy Emulator

Tapwave has refused to "sign" Crimson Fire's Gameboy emulator. Without this digital seal of approval, the Zodiac-specific version of Firestorm gbaZ will not be released.

PalmSource CEO Resigns

PalmSource has announced that its CEO, David Nagel, has resigned, and the company has named an interim replacement.

Research In Motion and NTP Settle Lawsuit

The long-running lawsuit between Research In Motion (RIM) and NTP has finally come to an end. RIM gets a perpetual license to the disputed patents, but has to pay a[...]

Crimson Fire Announces Kyles’ Quest 3

Crimson Fire is bringing out a new version of its popular role playing game.

Danger Looks to Sidekick It’s Way to Europe, IPO

Danger, who makes the Sidekick, a young-adult version of the BlackBerry, is looking to grow by adding new hardware partners, entering global markets and possibly even offering an IPO by[...]

RIM Unveils Next-Generation BlackBerry

The latest BlackBerry handheld will be the first model from RIM to use an Intel processor, and the first to support EDGE wireless networking.

HTC to Bundle BlackBerry Connect on Its Windows Mobile Devices

High Tech Computer plans to begin bundling RIM's push email serive on many of the Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones it designs.

Download Popular Ringtones for Your BlackBerry

Handango has unveiled Ringphonic, a robust ringtone jukebox for BlackBerry devices.

RIM Unprofitable, But With Good Reason

Research in Motion has reported its first unprofitable quarter in a very long time. However, this was caused by the settlement of its lawsuit with NTP, not because the company[...]

PDA News – 4 GB PocketPC phone, Palm buyout rumors, Gartner predicts record sales

Report: HTC prepping 4 GB PPC phone Rumor: RIM considering Palm buyout Gartner predicts record year for PDA sales

RIM BlackBerry 7130e Leaked

Bell Canada has posted details about the latest RIM handheld on their site, prematurely releasing details on the BlackBerry 7130e. This unit is similar to the 7100 series in design,[...]

RIM, NTP Settlement in Jeopardy

The settlement of the long-running patent infringement lawsuit between Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP appears to be coming apart.

RIM Preparing Important New BlackBerry

Information leaking out of Research In Motion indicates that this company is preparing to release its most important new product since the debut of the first BlackBerry smartphone last year.