S60 2012 SmartPhone Articles

Popular S60 Articles for 2012

Smartphone and Tablet Users Are Still Frustrated with Slow Mobile Download Speeds

Keynote Competitive Research shared results of its nationwide mobile user survey, revealing important insights depicting consumer mobile web experiences.

Something Old, Something New: Companies Focus on Recycling, Re-Using Outdated Phones

Old handsets that end up in landfills leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. But there are programs that make it easy for consumers to recycle, and even make[...]

Facebook’s Mobile Challenge Part I: Making Money

Facebook's recent IPO made it official: this giant of social networking has no idea how to make money off smartphone users. And this is something the company is going to[...]

It’s Time to Slay Vampire Chargers

Anyone who cares about energy independance or the Green Movement is likely wondering if there's anything they can do to help. There is an easy thing all phone users can[...]