Samsung 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Samsung Articles for 2005

Samsung SCH-i730 Review

Samsung's SCH-i730 is Samsung's current entry into the PDA/Phone category. What sets this model apart from its Windows Mobile/Palm competitors? EVDO data capability, for one. The i730[...]

Verizon Launches Samsung i730

Verizon Wireless is now offering the Samsung i730 to its largest customers, and it will go on sale to the general public next month. This cellular-wireless Pocket PC offers Wi-Fi,[...]

First Thoughts – Samsung i730 PocketPC Phone

We had an opportunity to use a fully functional Samsung i730 last night. We didn't hear it from Samsung, but we have it on very good authority that Verizon will[...]

Another Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC Coming from Samsung

Samsung has announced the i750, the third in a series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs being put together by this company. While this handheld resembles the previous two models in many[...]

Samsung i730 Coming in March

According to a recent report, Samsung's latest cellular-wireless Pocket PC will be available in just a couple of weeks.

Sprint PCS PPC-6700 First Thoughts

We got our hands on a demo PPC-6700 today and it's a pretty impressive device. The 6700 is a little smaller than I expected, it actually pockets pretty well, but[...]

Samsung i730 Coming to Verizon this Summer

Verizon Wireless has committed to offering the Samsung i730 cellular-wireless Pocket PC at some point in the next few months.

PDA News – iPaq 6500 photos, PalmOne price drops, Verizon Treo sighted

Genuine iPaq 6500 photos surface PalmOne drops list price on Zire 31, Treo 600 Verizon ad for Treo 650 sighted Rumored release for Samsung i730

PDA News – FCC approves iPaq hw6500, GSPDA promises Cobalt, i730 release

FCC approves HP iPaq hw6500 GSPDA claims they will release first Palm OS Cobalt device Samsung i730 likely to be released in mid-March SPOT service adds local[...]

Latest on the Samsung i730

Although quite a few details have been revealed on Samsung's upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC, some important details remain a mystery. However, some additional facts about this model recently came to[...]

Samsung i830 Finally Coming Out

According to rumor, Verizon intends to replace the Samsung i730 with a device that offers both CDMA and GSM/GPRS.

Samsung i730 Widely Available Sooner Than Expected (Updated)

Verizon wireless is now offering the Samsung i730 to the general public, more than a week before it said this cellular-wireless Pocket PC would be available to anyone but its[...]

PDA News – New Samsung PPC phone, More Treo 670 photos, MicroSD cards

Samsung shows off new PocketPC phone More photos of the Treo 670; Windows interface seen SD Card Association to approve 'Micro SD' format [...]

FCC Approves the Samsung i830 Pocket PC

The FCC has given Samsung permission to release in the U.S. the i830, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC which will have support for both CDMA and GSM/GPRS networks.

The Use of Microdrives in Handhelds Might Be Ending

Rumors indicate that Samsung may be willing to slash the price on its Flash memory chips to the point where they cost the same as its smaller-capacity microdrive.

Samsung SCH-i730 Available Now

Verizon started selling the Samsung i730 through business channels last week, but the i730 is now available to consumers via Verizon's website. This availability comes less than a week after[...]

CTIA – Smartphones Galore, Which One is the Best?

At the CTIA show this week, Smartphones and software geared toward these devices took center stage. The Sprint PPC-6700, Motorola Q, Motorola i930, Palm Treo 700w, HTC Universal, Samsung i300,[...]

What’s Wrong With Verizon?

Verizon is about to launch the XV6700, the same thing as Sprint's PPC6700 and the HTC Apache. This Smartphone is one of the best to hit the market this year[...]

Samsung Says 32 GB Memory Cards Could Be Out Next Year

Samsung announced today that it has developed the technology needed to make 32 MB memory cards.

Samsung Announces Very Fast Mobile RAM Chip

Samsung Electronics has created the world's first working prototype of a RAM chip that is fast enough to support high-quality 3D graphics and streaming video in next-generation mobile devices. [...]