Samsung 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Samsung Articles for 2006

What’s the Difference Between the Two Types of Windows Mobile?

Many of the most popular smartphones bear the Windows Mobile logo, but anyone considering buying one of these should be aware that there are two very different versions of Windows[...]

The Latest on the Samsung i770

Some additional details have recently emerged on an upcoming Pocket PC clamshell phone from Samsung.

PDA News – Verizon rumors, Opera leaked, Samsung i830?

Reports: Verizon XV6700, Treo 700w to be released January 5th Opera for PocketPCs leaked; proper release expected soon Verizon to release Samsung i830? Sony return rumors false

First Origami Ultra Mobile PCs Unveiled

Today, Intel officially announced the first three Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) that are part of the Origami Project.

Verizon launches three new PocketPC phones, including the Treo 700w

It's a big day for Verizon Wireless. The company has officially announced the release of not one, not two, but three new smartphone devices on their network. Besides the eagerly[...]

Cingular Unveils New 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone

Cingular Wireless has just announced that it will begin offering the Samsung BlackJack later this week. This will be a slim Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard and support[...]

Samsung Announces 4 GB Smartphone

Last spring, Samsung unveiled the SGH-i300, a smartphone with a 3 GB microdrive. Today, it announced an updated version with an additional 1 GB of storage.

Samsung UMPC Coming to a Store Near You

When Samsung introduced one of the first Ultra Mobile PCs, the company said it would be available only online. Today, however, Samsung announced that this model will be available in[...]

CeBIT 2006: Hands-on with the Samsung M8000 WiMAX PDA (pics)

At the end of last year Samsung announced its M8000 Pocket PC Phone as the first PDA to include integrated WiBro (Wireless Broadband; the Korean equivalent of WiMAX/802.16 wireless). [...]

Pricing and Availability for Samsung, Asus UMPCs

Although both Samsung and Asus have taken the wraps off their Ultra Mobile PCs, at the announcement neither said anything official about when these devices would be available or at[...]

Samsung Launching i320 Smartphone in Europe Soon

Samsung will release a device very similar to the Motorola Q in Europe before the end of this month.

Samsung’s Next UMPC Will Offer HSDPA

Since introducing one of the first ultra-mobile PCs, Samsung has announced several refinements to this models. The latest of these, called the Q1P, will offer support for high-speed HSDPA cellular-wireless[...]

New Samsung UMPCs Debut

Samsung has widened the range of Ultra Mobile PCs it offers. It has recently begun selling two new variations of its original model.

Cingular Now Offering Two New Windows Mobile Devices

The Cingular 8525 and BlackJack are now available from Cingular Wireless. Both of these run Windows Mobile, but one is a Pocket PC phone while the other is a WM[...]

Samsung, Asus Make UMPC Announcements

Samsung took the wraps of an updated version of the Q1 this week, while Asus gave more details on a model it first began showing off months ago. [...]

The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices.

Smartphone News from the 3GSM World Congress (Hands on With the iPAQ hw6900 and Samsung i320)

I had the opportunity to do a quick whirlwind visit at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. I was able to spend some time hands on with an HP[...]

Samsung Unveils 8 GB Smartphone

Just a month or so after announcing its first 4 GB smartphone, Samsung has announced one with twice that storage capacity.

Samsung Showing Off Innovative Portable Computer

Samsung is demonstrating a highly portable PC with a unique design. This 1-pound device will include a folding keyboard and Mobile WiMAX.

Samsung Launches Its First UMPC… Sort Of

In a press event yesterday, Samsung officially launched the Q1, its first Ultra Mobile PC. It will cost less than expected, but still more than hoped.