Samsung 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Samsung Articles for 2008

Samsung Omnia i900 Review

The Omnia is a Windows Mobile smartphone that's brave enough to go head-to-head with the iPhone. Brighthand's Adama Brown weighs in with his thoughts on this device and its massive[...]

iPhone vs. Android: a Study in Contrasts

Apple's iPhone OS and Google's Android OS have a great deal in common; both are Linux-based operating systems for smartphones. But Ed Hardy's latest editorial discusses the dramatic differences[...]

Samsung BlackJack II Review

One of the many smartphones offered by AT&T is the Samsung BlackJack II, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us a review of this Windows Mobile device with a keyboard, GPS,[...]

Samsung Epix Review

The Samsung Epix is a mid-range Windows Mobile smartphone that debuted recently from AT&T. Brighthand's chief reviewer brings us his thoughts on this new device.

Samsung Instinct Review

The Samsung Instinct is a new high-end phone that comes loaded with 3G high-speed Internet access, a GPS receiver, and a finger-friendly user interface. Ed Hardy brings us a review[...]

Samsung Ace SPH-i325 Review

Adama D. Brown brings us this review of the Samsung Ace, a new Windows Mobile smartphone from Sprint that that, unlike most of this telecom's offerings, can be used in[...]

Verizon Unlocking the GPS on Some Windows Mobile Smartphones

Verizon Wireless has promised to unlock the GPS on some of its recent Windows Mobile devices so they can use third-party navigation software.

Samsung BlackJack II First Impressions Review

Samsung and AT&T are now offering the BlackJack II, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy has some preliminary thoughts on this Windows Mobile smartphone after using it for a few days.

A Look Ahead at Three Smartphones Coming Soon to Verizon

Verizon Wireless is reportedly prepping a trio of Windows Mobile-based devices that will debut next month.

Verizon Debuts Samsung Saga

Verizon Wireless has just launched the Samsung Saga, a Windows Mobile smartphone with a small keyboard, EV-DO, and support for CDMA and GSM networks, so it can be used around[...]

Verizon Getting the Samsung Omnia

Strong evidence has emerged that Verizon is going to pick up a touchscreen-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone from Samsung.

Orange Releasing ALP-Powered Smartphone this Summer

The news many have been eagerly waiting for has finally appeared: a major telecom has committed to releasing a smartphone running the Linux-based replacement for the Palm OS that has[...]

Samsung Omnia i900 Preliminary Review

Brighthand's Adama Brown has had a few days to play with the Samsung Omnia, and weighs in with some preliminary impressions about the device and its massive feature-set.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 with Flash, Faster Rendering Debuting Soon

A new, significantly enhanced, version of Microsoft's web browser for smartphones should be available for some models before the end of this year.

Verizon Drops Samsung Omnia Price

Verizon has already cut the price of its version of the Samsung Omnia, even though it just launched this touchscreen-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone last week.

Qualcomm Demonstrates 1 GHz Mobile Processor With 3G, GPS

Qualcomm has unveiled a prototype device that runs on their new Snapdragon chipset, which includes a 1 GHz processor core, as well as integrated support for 3G, GPS, WiFi, and[...]

First Glimpse of Verizon’s Samsung i770

Verizon Wireless appears to be getting close to releasing the Samsung i770, a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone that may replace the i760 even though their designs are considerably different.

Will the Recession Affect Smartphone Sales? Yes

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief gives his predictions on how the smartphone market will fare during the current economic downturn in the United States.

Consumer Reports Makes Smartphone Recommendations

Consumer Reports has published a list of its recommended smartphones. This will likely please some, but leave many others scratching their heads.

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of July

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.