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Four iPhone Privacy Apps for Protecting Your Content from Prying Eyes

Do you want to keep personal photos and other content on your iPhone hidden away from any onlookers? Here's the lowdown on four "privacy apps" that could help.

Norton Mobile Security Adds First iPhone and iPad Protection

Norton Mobile Security this week added its first Apple iOS client, along with a new pricing model for safeguarding iPhones, iPads, and Android devices alike.

IBM: BYOD Brings Security Woes, Consumerization & Hassles Over iPhone Vs. Android OS

With more employees bringing their own personal smartphones and tablets to work, employers are weighing Apple's iOS vs. Google's Android OS, including associated security and management concerns, IBM officials said[...]

BYOD Smartphones, PCs and Tablets Raise Big Security Risks, Experts Say

Employees bringing their own devices to work (BYOD) can raise big security risks, according to newly released research. At this week's RSA Conference, though, vendors announced some new technologies that[...]

Google Wants to Listen to Your Phone Calls, then Send You Ads Based on Them

Users of Google's free Gmail service should be used to the idea that this company scans through their messages and serves them ads based on the content. Even this group[...]

Symantec Rolls Out Norton Safety Minder for Android OS

With one out of three kids using smartphones for Internet access, Symantec today released Norton Safety Minder, an Android OS security app aimed at helping parents monitor the use of[...]

Apple Modifying iPhone to Better Protect Users’ Data from Third-Party Apps

Several days ago, news came out that some iPhone apps are sending to their developers personal information about their users without permission. Apple announced today that it is going to[...]

Smartphone Design Peaks as Virtual Software and Applications Take Center Stage

They are slick, well designed and incredibly functional. Despite their present-day "wow factor", however, smartphones may have hit the ergonomics wall in terms of the balance between beauty and real[...]

Apple iOS 6 Will Better Protect iPhone Users’ Data from Third-Party Apps

Apple will be making a handful of changes in its upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 6, to protect the personal data of iPhone users from third-party apps. This will give[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III to Be Extra Secure and Enterprise Ready

Samsung just announced that the Galaxy S III will be the first Samsung Approved for Enterprise-branded (SAFE) smartphone released in the United States. This program is intended to deal with[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch System Software Update Removes Carrier IQ

Sprint has begun sending out an update for the system software running on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. Among some minor changes, this removes the Carrier IQ app that some[...]

Feds Shut Down Three Bogus Android App Stores Full of Malware

Federal investigators recently shut down three Android software online stores, alleging the sites were illegally distributing copyrighted software, and were loaded with malware.

Google Has Been Tracking What You’re Doing on Your iPhone

The Safari web browser blocks companies from using cookies to track what web sites people are visiting. Google found a work-around, but this company had to stop using it once[...]

Google Working to Fix Security Hole in Wallet App

A significant security problem has been found in Google Wallet that would allow a lost or stolen smartphone running this app to be used to transfer money without the original[...]

Google Wallet Security Fix Goes Out

A significant security breach found in Google Wallet was addressed thanks to a fix issued by Google late last night.

Malware Targets Android Smartphones

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) and has issued a warning about increasing malware attacks on[...]

Apple iOS Security Flaw Detected

An iOS security researcher has discovered a significant flaw in Apple's operating system, detailing a vulnerability that has apparently existed in the platform since the launch of the first iPhone[...]

Security in Android Apps Poorly Implemented, Researchers Find

Security researchers have found that popular Android apps downloaded by as many as 185 million are vulnerable to attackers to obtain bank account info thanks to poor implementation of SSL[...]

AT&T and T-Mobile Team Up To Stop Smartphone Theft

AT&T and T-Mobile have come together to help their customers fight against smartphone theft, by launching a new database that makes using a stolen handset nearly impossible.

BlackBerry 10 Dons FIPS Security Certification Prior to Launch

While consumers and enterprise users won't be able to buy a device running BlackBerry 10, the latest operating system from Research In Motion, until sometime next year, when they do,[...]