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Popular Security Articles for 2013

Do the Carriers Care if Your Phone is Stolen?

Though some would have you believe that the situation is much bleaker, the fact is that there are plenty of ways to recover your phone if it's lost or stolen.

Apple Releasing iOS 6.1.3 to Fix iPhone Lockscreen Bug

Users frustrated by a security flaw in Apple's iOS 6.1 may soon find relief as reports are saying that Apple has released a beta version of iOS 6.1.3 to developers.

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

It's a dangerous world out there for smartphones and tablets. Follow these tips though, and your device -- and the personal information aboard it -- just might have a fighting[...]

Comcast Releases Constant Guard Mobile Security App for iOS

Comcast has released a new security application for iOS to help Xfinity customers prevent online threats. Dubbed Constant Guard Mobile, the program is intended to protect users from phishing attempts[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Has a Lockscreen Bug; Security Can Be Easily Bypassed

There is a flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S III that allows the security of the lockscreen to be quickly bypassed.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3 to Fix Lock Screen Bug

Today Apple released iOS 6.1.3 in hopes of fixing its lock screen bypass bug.

NSA Call Data Collection Not Limited to Verizon Wireless

Not long after news broke that the NSA has been collecting call records from Verizon, the WSJ now reports that data is also being collected from AT&T, Sprint, and other[...]