Sidekick 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sidekick Articles for 2003

For AOL, Sidekick is in, RIM is out

AOL is discontinuing the wireless device developed for it by RIM in favor of the new color Sidekick designed by Danger Inc.

Color hiptop Available Through T-Mobile

Updated T-Mobile has begun offering the color version of the Danger hiptop wireless handheld, which it calls the Sidekick.

PDA News – ActiveSync 3.7, Color Hiptop/Sidekick, The Other Palm OS Licensee, More PalmSource, Much More…

Microsoft has almost covertly released ActiveSync 3.7 CNet is reporting the Color Sidekick release is within the month Aceeca Limited has licensed the Palm OS to make industrial[...]

PDA News – Toshiba e335 for $69, Color Wireless, PPC 3D Arcade

We have a tip on how you can get an e335 for $169 and maybe even $69! Color RIM Blackberry and T-Mobile Sidekick Xen Games, Producer of Gang[...] Paying Customers To Buy Color Sidekick and T-Mobile are offering so many rebates on the version of the Sidekick smart phone with a color screen that they are paying customers to buy it.

PDA News – Free Sidekick, Tungsten T Patch, Unlimited GPRS Data, Handmark Upgrades MobileDB, More…

Get a Sidekick for free after $250 rebate Palm has released their second Tungsten T patch in two weeks Orange UK has launched flat rate GPRS pricing [...]

Axim X3 rumors, Clie pre-orders, AOL ditches RIM for Sidekick

Dell's Axim X3 based on Samsung chip, sub-$150? Clie NX-73 and NX-80 available for pre-order AOL severs ties to RIM, offers rebate on Sidekick[...]

PDA News – Danger Software Update, Technologies That Could Improve PDAs, Sony Ericsson P800 on Sale

Danger has begun releasing their first software update for the Sidekick Ed Hardy from Brighthand takes a look at potential influences on new PDAs Instead of paying $650[...]