Sidekick 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sidekick Articles for 2006

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Product Photo Leaked

Details are amazingly thin on the new release for T-Mobile, the Sidekick 3 made by Danger. We've seen more image fakes and just plain bad information on this particular unit[...]

T-Mobile USA On Track for 3G Rollout

T-Mobile USA was the big winner in the FCC's wireless spectrum auction that just wrapped up. This carrier was able to get significant amounts of new spectrum, a necessary step[...]

The Latest on the Sidekick 3

The FCC has given T-Mobile permission to release the next version of the Sidekick cellular-wireless handheld in the U.S. As a result, many of the details on this upcoming device[...]

Sidekick 3 Officially Unveiled

Capping months of rumors and speculation, T-Mobile has just officially taken the wraps off the Sidekick 3, which will include many features that are new to this line of cellular-wireless[...]

Sidekick 3 May Be Coming Next Month

Thanks to various leaks, it has been known for some time that Danger, Inc. is putting together a sequel to the Sidekick 2, its popular cellular-wireless handheld. Recently, a possible[...]

One Man’s Saga of a Stolen Sidekick

The story of one man's pursuit for justice when his friend's T-Mobile Sidekick is stolen.

First Glimpse of the Sidekick 3

According to some leaked information, T-Mobile USA will release an updated version of the Sidekick later this month. It appears there may be some truth to this rumor, as pictures[...]

T-Mobile May Be Rolling Out UMA Service Next Month

According to an unconfirmed report, T-Mobile USA will soon begin offering a service that lets devices make use of cellular networks through Wi-Fi.

The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices.

Smartphone Users Are Happier Than Regular Phone Users

According to a survey done by market-research firm IDC, those who use a smartphone are generally more satisfied with their devices than those who have a standard "dumb" phone.

The King is Dead. Long Live The King!

CompactFlash is dead. Bluetooth is dead. Wi-Fi is dead. And mobile computing in general is dead. So say the pundits... right before they get eaten by the undead horde.

Handheld Shipments Continue Strong Upward Trend

Thanks to rapid growth in cellular-wireless devices, the number of handhelds shipped worldwide last quarter was up almost 32 percent from the same quarter of the previous year.

Are Smartphones Really the Right Tools for the Job?

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright questions whether the latest smartphones are really what users want.

Mobile Tech News — Free CABviaActiveSync, Sidekicks vs. Credit Cards, BlackBerry 8700 Case, and More

Free Version of CABviaActiveSync Released Sidekicks Can Erase Credit Cards JAVOLeatherCase for BlackBerry 8700c/8700g Now Available Kansas School District Purchases 2,300 Palm TX Handhelds [...]

Handheld Sales Continue to Climb

In the most recent quarter, shipments of handhelds grew 6.6 percent, thanks largly to expanding interest in cellular-wireless devices.

Would You Like Tweezers With that?

"Sometimes, smaller really isn't better," is the theme of Adama D. Brown's latest editorial.

A Swift Kick In The RAM

Manufacturers these days seem reluctant to push the envelope, and Adama Brown says it's high time for handheld and smartphone makers to offer something besides the same old same old.

Nokia Introduces a New Short-Range Wireless Networking Standard

Nokia has just taken the wraps off a new short-range wireless networking standard called Wibree. This is intended to complement a similar wireless networking standard, Bluetooth, not replace it.[...]

Do We Really Want a Wireless Future?

Although people now have the option to be constantly connected to the world through smartphones and PDAs, Antoine Wright wonders if this is really a good thing.

Brighthand Now Offering Category-Specific RSS feeds

In response to numerous user requests, it's now possible to get category-specific RSS feeds from Brighthand.