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Popular Smartphone Articles for 2013

Most Popular Smartphones: Readers’ Picks

Our latest list of top trending smartphones, based on reader popularity. Find out which devices are most interesting to our readers.

3DMark for iOS Lets You Compare Apples to Androids

Futuremark recently released the iOS version of their popular graphics benchmarking app 3DMark to go along with the Android version which has been available since April.

Twitter Reveals Vine Video App for iOS

After acquiring the video startup Vine last year, Twitter has unveiled the first offspring of its purchase, an iOS app for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets users capture[...]

FAA to Allow Smartphones, eReaders, Tablets During Take-Off

Tired of putting away your eReader or smartphone for take off, just to pull it back out minutes later? Good news: it seems like the FAA is, too.

Your Guide to Upcoming Smartphone Features

Need a primer on some of the new features or technology that manufacturers are beginning to work into our smartphones? We can help with that.

Americans Opened More Apps (1.3 Billion!) on Thanksgiving Than Ever Before

Americans like to relax on Thanksgiving - but new data shows us just how important smartphones and tablets are to that end.

Nvidia Tegra 4i ‘Brand’ Phone Spotted, Expected to Debut in Q1 2014

Nvidia's new Tegra 4i chip has popped up in a mysterious handset slated for a Q1 2014 release, and the only marking on the phone reads, "brand".

Amazon Hires Kindel, Presumably to Work on Phone

Rumblings about Amazon's supposed smartphone ventures have picked back up in light of recent news that the company has hired former Windows Phone exec Charlie Kindel.