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Popular Smartphone Articles for 2014

What are the Real Differences Between iOS and Android?

For newbies, it's easy to assume that the difference between owning an iOS device and an Android device is like night and day. In reality, it's not.

How I Manually Repaired My Broken Smartphone Display

A smashed screen is every smartphone user's nightmare, but with some careful handiwork and the right know-how, you can give life back to your device. One former victim describes how[...]

Project Ara: How Google Wants to Revolutionize the Smartphone

Google's Project Ara initiative aims to bring affordable modular phones to the masses, and let users to upgrade their phone at will, part by part. Here's everything we know about[...]

An iPhone Charger for Your Keychain: ChargeKey Review

The Chargekey from Nomad is designed to fit on a keychain, giving users a Lightning cable charger wherever they go. It's a great companion for travelers and is convenient when[...]

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: A Smartphone and Camera Hybrid Designed for Selfies

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a smartphone-camera hybrid aimed at selfie aficionados looking to up their self-portrait game.

Don’t Fear the Phablet: 5 Reasons to Make Your Next Phone a Big One

Big-screened smartphones are more common than ever, but if you're wary of the phablet's rise, let us reassure you that they're not as inconvenient as they may seem.

Huawei Ascend P7 Hands-On Preview

Huawei hosted a global event in Paris this week to unveil its newest flagship phone, the Ascend P7. We go hands-on.

LG G3 Is the Best New Smartphone, At Least on Paper

There is a new best smartphone... at least on paper. As of its reveal, the new LG G3 has the most pixel-dense display of any mainstream device, and it has[...]

Has Mobile App Security Finally Caught Up to Outlook?

Mobile security has been a big issue when it comes to securing corporate data. But are mobile apps finally catching up to Outlook?

Best Windows Phone Apps: Sticky Notes HD

Sticky Notes HD is a simple yet elegant productivity app for Windows Phone; previously available only to iOS users.

What’s Next for Smartphones?

It's an impossibly complicated question, but as smartphone specs continue to converge, we look at the areas in which our mobile gadgets could innovate in the near future.