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Inside Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey may have started out selling paper-based organizers but it's also been selling PDAs since the first Palm appeared.

Motorola Accompli 009

The Accompli, a phone and organizer the size of a text pager, is certainly no fait accompli

LandWare Revisted

In this follow-up interview, we revisit LandWare founders Ken Landau and Clinton Logan and catch up on the exciting developments in the industry, including the future of wireless

HP sacrifices Linux handhelds

Hewlett-Packard has cancelled three Linux handheld projects with the axing of an Australian research and development lab, according to a source close to the company.

Franklin eBookMan

If you enjoy reading books and are also in the market for a PDA, Franklin Electronic Publishers believe its new eBookMan is the ideal solution for you.

Casio Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager

It's not a Pocket PC, but this Windows CE handheld is gaining quite a following

Pocket PC’s Mixed-up Metaphor

Pocket PC is supposed to be a variation of Windows, built on the Windows CE operating system. It's intended to leverage this relationship in order to reduce the learning curve[...]

Monkeying around with Monkeystone Games

In this interview with high-profile game developers John Romero, Tom Hall and Stevie "Killcreek" Case, we discuss their new company, Monkeystone Games, and its goal to develop exciting new games[...]

Sony to release a new version of the 610 in the US February!

A contact deep inside the annals of Sony revealed to me today their plans to launch the 615C in February of 2002.

Agenda VR3

Agenda Computing says its Linux-based handheld, the Agenda VR3, is ready to take on Palm. Maybe not.

Xircom REX 6000 MicroPDA

The PC Card-sized REX 6000 MicroPDA is handy, but will anyone buy it?

The sky is falling! No, it’s just PDA prices… – UPDATED 12/13

Just another reason to be Thankful this holiday season: 5% off PDAs! Want more? Fine. Today (12/13) is the last day for free shipping and you can take another[...]

Mobile and DVD make PC Expo

PC Expo wasn't exactly a snooze. While not as exciting as previous years, the show did have its share of cool products.

Get ‘Smarter’ get yourself a SmarterCase

The first accessory every PDA buyer should consider purchasing is a nice hard case for their device. I can t imagine spending upwards of $500 on something and not protecting[...]

Does size really matter?

When Jeff Hawkins began his quest to develop the first commercially successful PDA--one that millions of people would use to help manage their increasingly hectic lives--he was convinced that ergonomics[...]

Chris DeHerrera: Spreading the Pocket PC Word

Windows CE enthusiast Chris DeHerrera has been helping folks with their PDA problems for more than five years. In this first hand account, Chris explains how, and why, he does[...]

My Palm Epiphany

Brighthand founder Steve Bush has suddenly realized that Palm may be correct--simple doesn't necessarily preclude functionality

Inside the Cypaq

Houston-based CYNET looked to become a significant player in the budding iPAQ accessories market with its dual-slot CYPAQ expansion sleeve. However, as Brighthand learned, the CYPAQ was more "smoke and[...]

Consumer Electronics Show

On site coverage of the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show from Las Vegas, Nevada

Getting your cell phone and PDA together

Often, I write about how you can connect a cell phone to a personal digital assistant (PDA) so you can use the phone as a wireless modem with your handheld.[...]