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HP’s iPAQ 5400 Series Pocket PC: Bluetooth and WiFi

Updated HP's upcoming iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series combines a fast processor, fabulous color screen, built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b, and biometric security. What more could you ask for?

Better than Pocket Office?

Does DataViz's Documents To Go do a better job at handling Office documents than Pocket Word and Pocket Excel? You may be surprised.

Review – Age of Empires for Pocket PC

No, you didn t read the title wrong Age of Empires the hugely popular real time strategy classic by Microsoft, has been ported to the Pocket PC. Zio Soft[...]

REVIEW: HP iPaq 1910

The HP iPaq 1910 is all about being small and having good form, while at the same time being very functional. My goal in this review is to help[...]

BrightBytes™: GoAmerica, AT&T, Cases, and More

All GoAmerica's CDPD wireless customers are being transferred to EarthLink, AT&T is shutting down its CDPD network, there are new leather cases for Sony's SL and SJ series, get a[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Tungsten T

Brighthand reviews Palm's latest handheld, the Tungsten T, which includes Palm OS 5, a high-res screen, Bluetooth, and more.

Inside Display Technologies

Our guide to handheld computer screens explains all of the acronyms and buzzwords, from LCD to TFT, transmissive to reflective, and what causes a "bad pixel".

New Samsung SCH-I600 Details (Pictures) update!

No release dates on this device yet, but Samsung has decided to produce a PDA / Cell phone combo that runs on a Microsoft OS instead of their usual Palm[...]

Brighthand reviews the HP iPAQ h1910

It's bold, it's beautiful, and it blazes an exciting new path for Pocket PC...but it's not perfect.

Brighthand Reviews the Palm i705

Last spring Palm’s then-CEO Carl Yankowski referred to Palm’s wireless VIIx handheld as "…a lump of coal." It was certainly harsh criticism for such a first-of-its-kind device, but Yankowski must[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Zire

The new Palm Zire has been designed to appeal to entry-level users with its high-tech look and $99 price tag.

GPS Goes Bluetooth

Brighthand gets hands-on with the new Bluetooth GPS from EMTAC. We'll never get lost again!

UPDATE – Slides from the Dell PPC PowerPoint Presentation

The Dell PPC looks sleek and for $300, they should turn a few units. According to the slides, the release date to retailers is December 4th.

BrightBytes™: Launcher X, VersaMail, EverQuest

Launcher X has finally been released, Palm has made the email client on the Tungsten T available to everyone, Pocket PC users will soon be able to play EverQuest, and[...]

Review Magic Finger From Kirrio, the Most Phallic PDA Accessory Ever!

Earlier this month we brought you news of this finger condom stylus thingie. Well, I got a sample a few days ago and must say that it s everything you[...]

REVIEW: Dell Axim X5

Dell's goal in releasing the Axim X5 was to get a foot in the PDA market -- they may just have gotten two feet in though. The Dell Axim[...]

Brighthand Reviews the AlphaSmart Dana

The Dana is a rugged word processor that runs the Palm OS. It has an extra-wide screen and a full-size keyboard.

Road Trip with a T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes the new T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone on a 5-day trip from Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC

Review: Palm Tungsten T — Bluetooth Anyone?

The Palm Tungsten T is really the first new PDA they've released since the m130. Sure the m515 came out in between, but wasn't it just a re-hash of the[...]

UPDATE: Details leaking on the Toshiba e740 Pocket PC (pictures)

It sounds as if Toshiba plans to support thier new PDA with a bunch of optional equipment. The first piece we're hearing about is a larger battery pack that will[...]