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Popular Software Articles for 2007

PdaNet Review

PdaNet from June Fabrics Technology is an application for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile that lets you use your smartphone's high-speed data connection with a Windows PC.

Samsung BlackJack System Software Update Now Available

Samsung has released a update for the system software on the BlackJack, a Windows Mobile Smartphone exclusively offered by Cingular Wireless.

AT&T Promises Free Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for Treo 750, BlackJack, and 8525

In the wake of Microsoft's announcement of Windows Mobile 6, AT&T has promised that some -- but not all -- of its current Windows Mobile 5 devices will get upgrades.

Mozilla Commits to Firefox for Windows Mobile

Last month, the Mozilla Corporation promised to devote much more time and resources to a version of its web browser for smartphones. At that time, though, it didn't specify which[...]

Cingular 8525 Update Released

It isn't the much-anticipated upgrade to Windows Mobile 6, but AT&T has released a small system software update for the Cingular 8525. *UPDATED*

Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

Microsoft has introduced a new version of the Windows Mobile Device Center, the software Windows Mobile smartphones and handhelds use to synchronize with PCs running Windows Vista.

Slingbox Solo Review

Sling Media's Slingbox lets users watch shows on a laptop or smartphone on the road, at work, or even while driving. Kevin O'Brien has this review. *UPDATED*

Nintendo DS Web Browser Now Available in the U.S.

A version of Opera Software's eponymous web browser for the Nintendo DS is now available in N. America.

Microsoft Announces Windows Mobile 6

UPDATED: Microsoft was forced by circumstances to pre-announce Windows Mobile 6 several days before it had intended to, but the the formal announcement went off as scheduled.

Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology Comes to the Treo 650

A software update has just been released that brings Microsoft's Direct Push Technology to the Treo 650.

Microsoft Promises Fix for Windows Mobile 6 File Synchronization Snafu

Earlier this week, Brighthand reported on a complaint being made by people with a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone and Windows Vista. Microsoft has now promised to fix this problem.

Apple vs. iPhony: Why I Agree with Apple

Recently, there has been much talk about the iPhone and its knock off, iPhony. This is an emulator of the user interface of Apple's upcoming smartphone. In this editorial, Ed[...]

Mobile Tech News — Opera Mini 4 Released, BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in the U.K., Treo 500v in More Countries

Opera Mini 4 Now Available as a Free Download O2 Launches the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in the U.K. Treo 500v Now Available in New Zealand and[...]

Microsoft Explains Windows Mobile Name Changes

With the introduction of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft changed the names of the various sub-versions of this operating system. One of this company's developers has recently given the reasons for[...]

Outlook 2007 Support Comes to Palm’s Devices

Because Microsoft has introduced a new version of Outlook, Palm has been required to release a software update to allow all its Palm OS-based smartphones and handhelds to synchronize with[...]

Google Maps 2.0 Brings GPS-Like Features to Most Smartphones

The latest version of Google Maps will be even more helpful to those whose smartphone lacks a built-in GPS receiver in getting from one place to another efficiently.

Mobile Tech News — Photo Dialer, Animated Themes, iPhone Cases, and More

Contact-ing for Windows Mobile Smartphone Released Put Animated Themes on a Pocket PC with FlashThemes Player 2007 Line of iPhone Cases Announced Treos Debut Around[...]

Opera Link Connects Mobile and Desktop Web Browsers

While mobile web usage is growing, an issue that seems to constantly pop up is how to synchronize shared content between mobile web browsers and their desktop counterparts. Opera Software[...]

Mobile Tech News — Social Networking, MSN Mobile, A6 Times, and More

Jaiku Social Phonebook Brings Social Networking to Symbian Phones' Contacts MSN Mobile Beta Released A6 Times Update Supports Podcasts Inexpensive Upgrades to TextMaker and PlanMaker[...]

Third-Party Version of Quick Install Supports Windows Vista

Business Technology Solved has released Vista Simple Installer, an application that performs the same tasks as Palm Quick Install, but offers support for Windows Vista. *UPDATED*