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Nokia Opening Ovi Software Store for Symbian S60 and S40 Devices

Nokia has jumped into the application store fray with Ovi Store, a on-device software and services marketplace which will be further enhanced through a social discovery feature.

Operating System Upgrade for the iPhone 3G Now Available

Apple has released an upgrade for the system software and bundled applications on the iPhone 3G. This brings many of the features in the upcoming iPhone 3G S to the[...]

Listen to Google’s Free Podcast Player for Android

Google Labs has released Listen, a free podcast app for Android-powered devices. This helps users find and play podcasts and web audio.

DataViz Documents To Go 2.0 for Android Review

DataViz Documents To Go 2.0 lets users of Android-based phones work view and edit Microsoft Office files. Mark Shryock brings us a review of this app that includes support for[...]

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Review

iPhone 3.0 is the system software for the new iPhone 3G S, but it's also available as an upgrade for the current iPhone 3G and the iPod touch. Nick Spohnholtz[...]

Motorola Droid Can Now Sync With Outlook and Entourage

There's good news for those who want to synchronize their Motorola Droid with their desktop computer: Mark/Space's app for syncing PCs and Macs with Android OS smartphones now supports this[...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Gets System Software Update

Sony Ericsson has released an update to the system software on the Xperia X1 that makes a number of improvements to this Windows phone.

Adobe Flash Player for Android, webOS Will Be Available in 2010

Adobe Systems has promised users of phones running Google's Android and Palm's webOS that they will get a browser plug-in with Flash support in the first half of next year.[...]

Palm’s webOS Software Catalog Closing in on 1,000 Apps

Palm's webOS is the newest of the mobile operating systems, so it's not surprising that it has the smallest number of third-party applications. Still, that number has grown significantly in[...]

Listen to Streaming Radio Stations with a BlackBerry, Thanks to Slacker

BlackBerry smartphone users can now hear their favorite Slacker radio stations wherever they go, with the new -- and free -- Slacker Mobile application.

How To Turn a BlackBerry into a GooglePhone

BlackBerry users who are feeling a touch jealous of Google's Android OS can turn to a suite of free applications that convert their smartphone into a GooglePhone.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 for the Bold and Curve 8900 Leaks Out

BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 owners who can't wait for an official release now have the option download a beta of the next version of their smartphone's operating system.

BlackBerry Messaging Service Stopped Twice in One Week

E-mail service for many of RIM's BlackBerry smartphones went out two times in a week, giving this company a serious black eye. The most recent of these outages has been[...]

TetherBerry Review

TetherBerry is an app that allows your PC to take advantage of your BlackBerry's Internet connectivity via a USB cable. It provides a simple solution that adds an incredible amount[...]

Use Your iPhone To Identify Stars and Constellations

Distant Suns is an iPhone application that lets users identify the planets, constellations, over a hundred galaxies and star clusters, and thousands of stars.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Is Official, but Not Coming Soon

Microsoft has just formally announced Windows Mobile 6.5, the next version of its operating system for high-end phones. This includes significant changes to its appearance, and is the first step[...]

Google Contacts and Calendar Sync for Symbian S60 Devices Now in Beta

The newly released Google Sync Beta for Symbian S60 provides Calendar and Contact syncing between the mobile device and the user's Google account.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Is Now Complete

Microsoft has has finished work on Windows Mobile 6.5, the next version of its operating system for smartphones. However, this doesn't mean the release is imminent.

Palm Pre Will Support Sprint’s ”Phone As Modem”

Potential buyers of the Palm Pre should be pleased to learn that this upcoming smartphone will be able to act as a modem for a second computer, like a laptop[...]

Quickoffice Update Now Available for Nokia’s Symbian S60 Devices

Quickoffice Premier 6 has been released for Nokia Symbian devices, and many of them can be updated to the new version for free.