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Six Android GPS Apps for Navigating the Great Outdoors

Do you like to hike, jog, bike, kayak, raft, and/or ride horseback? Here are six off-road GPS apps to help you navigate new terrain and track your progress.

10 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Working On the Go

Like just about everyone else, you're probably using your iPhone or Android phone as a tool for both work and play. Here are ten essential apps for working on the[...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Firefox OS

Firefox OS is the newest mobile operating system on the map, so we've pulled together a primer with everything you need to know about Mozilla's offering.

8 Great Remote PC Access Apps for Android & iOS Devices

Here's a hands-on look at eight top apps for accessing a Windows PC or Mac in your home or office from an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.

3DMark for iOS Lets You Compare Apples to Androids

Futuremark recently released the iOS version of their popular graphics benchmarking app 3DMark to go along with the Android version which has been available since April.

Unofficial Vine App 6Sec Now Available on Windows Phone 8

The 6Sec video sharing app has launched on Windows Phone 8, emulating much of the same functionality of Twitter's Vine app while adding a few new twists.

Six Informative Sports Apps for the iPhone or iPad

If you're away from the TV, you can still keep up with your favorite sports teams and players from your iPhone or iPad. Maybe you can catch some video action,[...]

Essential Apps for Rooted Android Phones and Tablets

When you "root" an Android smartphone or tablet, you can customize it as you like. Here are six great Android apps that take advantage of rooting.

Sony Rolls out Android 4.2.2 Upgrades for Xperia Z

Sony has begun issuing Android 4.2.2 updates for the Xperia Z.

Android Leads US Smartphone Sales, Windows Phone Grows the Fastest

Android remains the most popular smartphone platform in the US, while Windows Phone is enjoying the highest growth rate, says a newly released study.

A Dozen Android Browsers: Which Should You Choose?

If you own an Android phone or tablet, your choices aren't limited to the default browser. Here's a roundup of 12 alternatives, from big names to the lesser known.

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

It's a dangerous world out there for smartphones and tablets. Follow these tips though, and your device -- and the personal information aboard it -- just might have a fighting[...]

New Translation Feature Comes to Twitter App for Windows Phone

A new translation feature that uses Bing has been added to the Windows Phone Twitter app via a recent free update.

Google Extends Exchange ActiveSync Support for Gmail

Google recently announced that it is extending support for Exchange ActiveSync until July 31. This is important for Windows Phone jusers, as it's necessary for accessing some Google service on[...]

BlackBerry Postpones BBM For Android & iPhone, Blaming Leak

Instead of releasing the app this past weekend, BlackBerry has delayed the release indefinitely, due to issues caused by the leak of an old version to file sharing sites.

Mozilla Shows Off Firefox OS & Smartphones in New York City

Apps built into the ZTE and Alcatel phones include Facebook, SMS, Video Player, Music, and much more. Mozilla also gave peeks at Firefox Marketplace and Adaptive App Search.

Seven-App City Survival Kit for the Android Phone User

Visiting a new city? Here are seven apps that will help you find what you need: parking lots, public transportation routes, restaurants, fun things to do, and more.

Is There a Mobile Wallet in Your Future?

Analysts predict an upsurge, and new apps from PayPal, Subway, Starbucks, and the MCX are giving a boost to in-store payments from smartphones.

Consumer Reports: McAfee, Avast, BitDefender Are Top Security Apps

Consumer Reports has ranked apps from McAfee, Avast and Bitdefender as the top three for mobile security.

VoxDox for Android and iOS Review: Turning Text into Talk

VoxDox is aimed at converting text content into spoken words, but how well does this app for Android and iOS really work?