Sony 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sony Articles for 2005

Sony PSP First Thoughts Review (pics)

Ok, so it's not a PDA, notebook or a perfect fit for any of our family of sites, but the Sony PSP is a mobile device that is extremely popular,[...]

Why the Playstation Portable Isn’t Going to Replace Your Handheld

The Playstation Portable is a very impressive device with plenty of features any Palm OS or Pocket PC user would envy. But Brighthand's Ed Hardy says it isn't going[...]

Brighthand Reviews Extreme Dungeon Game Experience (EDGE)

EDGE is a new role-playing game for the Palm OS. It took several years to develop, but the wait was worth it, as it comes closer than any other handheld[...]

Sony VAIO U750 Review (pics, specs)

The Sony Vaio U750 is the American release of the handtop Vaio U series that became an overnight technological sensation in Japan and it's very easy to see why. I've[...]

Sony Ericsson May Be Developing New Wireless Handheld

Sony Ericsson is reportedly preparing a replacement for the P910, a cellular-wireless handheld that ran Symbian's UIQ interface. The new model will have an integrated keyboard with a better design[...]

Sony Adds Web Browser to PSP – Is it a PDA Yet?

There was a ton of excitement when the PSP was released, a little more when people first found a hack in Wipeout that allowed rudimentary web browsing. In the latest[...]

Sony Rumored to Be Developing New Ultra-Portable PC

Sony is supposedly working on a tiny new laptop that will include a keyboard but will also be able to be used as a tablet.

Where’s the Nokia 9300 Smartphone?

The Smartphone has been a tough place to make money. We all know that any PDA company worth anything either has a Smartphone, or otherwise data oriented device, or is[...]

Sony Brings the Clie Line to an End

Sony said today that it is going to stop producing the Clie line of handhelds, and no new models will be introduced.

Toshiba libretto U100 Released — Notebook and PDA Collision Course Continues

Toshiba yesterday announced and released the libretto U100 mini notebook. The libretto U100 is a 2.1 lb device that runs Windows XP. So witness: Toshiba has left the[...]

Sony Announces 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Card

Sony is doubling the capacity of its flash media product line by announcing a 4 GB Memory Stick PRO card.

Bluefire Introduces VPN Client for Windows Mobile

Bluefire Security Technologies has released Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software for use by Cisco networking customers with handhelds running Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0.

Bitstream Releases ThunderHawk 2.0 Smartphone Edition

ThunderHawk 2.0 provides users and enterprise clients with a familiar, yet secure, desktop browsing experience on Windows Mobile smartphones.

Decuma Handwriting Recognition Released for UIQ

Zi Corporation has released a version of its Decuma Alphabetic handwriting recognition software for the Sony Ericsson P800/900/910 series of cellular-wireless handhelds.

First Hint of a Sony Ericsson P970

Rumors have begun circulating that Sony Ericsson is going to release a less expensive version of its upcoming P990 smartphone.

Utility Will Bring Landscape Support to Sony Clies

Mobile Stream has announced a utility which adds landscape mode to some Sony Clie models.

Sony Ericsson P990 SmartPhone Announced

It looks like Sony Ericsson is going to try and keep up in the SmartPhone arms race by releasing a new device dubbed the P990 that is the replacement for[...]

Primerica Runs Customized Financial Services Application on Palm Handhelds and Smartphones

Agents of Primerica Financial Services are using 4,000 Palm handhelds and smartphones to complete insurance applications in their client's homes.

America Online and Yahoo! Chat Services Coming to the BlackBerry Platform

Both America Online and Yahoo! have announced that their instant messaging clients will soon be available to users of BlackBerry wireless handhelds.

Handango Releases Industry’s First Download Client for BlackBerry

Handango has released of InHand for BlackBerry, a download client for applications.