Sony 2011 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sony Articles for 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review: Game On

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY is a device that combines a portable gaming console with an Android smartphone. According to our reviewer and long-time gamer Jen Edwards, it does a great[...]

Should You Get a 4G Smartphone?

This holiday buying season, plenty of would-be smartphone owners are looking at 4G phones, wondering what benefits there are to 4G, and whether they need them. We'll take a look[...]

We Shouldn’t Ban Cell Phones in Cars, We Should Ban Drivers

Although the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board wants a complete ban on using a cell phone for any reason while driving, Brighthand's Site Editor has a a better suggestion: let's[...]

The End of Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson is coming to an end. Sony Corp will be buying out its Swedish mobile phone partner, Ericsson, for $1.5 billion, as it pursues an opportunity to better integrate[...]

Two Technologies Could Significantly Increase Your Next Smartphone’s Battery Life

A majority of the smartphones currently available lack an impressive battery. However, as the industry continues to evolve, it seems we may finally begin to see technologies that can prolong[...]

E3 2011: Sony PlayStation Vita Hands On

Sony went into E3 with an NGP, but came out with a Vita when it officially named the second-generation PSP. Judging from the crowd gathered around Sony's booth and long[...]

Sony PlayStation Suite Bringing PlayStation Games to Android

Sony is about to get a leg up on the competition, as its PlayStation games are about to spread to another platform -- smartphones running Google's Android OS. Also unveiled[...]

PlayStation NGP Officially Named Vita, Coming to AT&T

The device formerly known as the PlayStation NGP received an official name at E3, where Sony announced the next-generation PSP will be known as the "PlayStation Vita". In addition, the[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Could Sport an 8 Megapixel Camera

An off-the-cuff remark from the CEO of Sony seems to indicate that Apple's next-generation smartphone will include one of Sony's 8 megapixel cameras when it debuts later this year.

Fed Agency Wants a National Ban on Using a Phone While Driving

Many states already ban using a phone for texting or accessing the Web while behind the wheel, or require a hands-free kit to make voice calls, but now the Nation[...]

Sony PlayStation Vita Won’t be Here in Time for Christmas

Sony will face another economic setback this year, as its next-generation portable game machine, the PlayStation Vita, won't be globally available in time for the holiday season, which is a[...]

Photos Possibly Reveal True Name and OS of the Playstation Phone

More details have surfaced regarding the still yet-to-be-announced PlayStation Phone from Sony Ericsson, the most notable being that it isn't going to be called the "PlayStation Phone" at all.

IFA Tradeshow Focused on Tablets Not Smartphones

The IFA tradeshow is starting to wrap up in Berlin, and those who were hoping for some new smartphones to be announced were disappointed. The focus was on tablets this[...]