Sony Ericsson 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sony Ericsson Articles for 2002

Sony Ericsson P800 release estimate confirmed

Sony Ericsson has confirmed the release of the P800 will be in the fourth quarter of this year in the US. The P800 was slated for release in 3Q, but[...]

REVIEW: Sony Ericsson P800

NetEconomie (France) has posted their first thoughts on the oh so anticipated Sony Ericsson P800. The translation is a little rough, but I think you'll get the main points.

RUMOR: Sony Ericsson P800 Available in Germany This Week (pictures)

Multiple sources are now claiming that Sony Ericsson will have the P800 on German store shelves as early as this week. The early release is said to come in response[...]

FCC Approves Sony Ericsson P800 for U.S. (Pics)

Sony Ericsson will now be able to go forward with it's release of the P800 smartphone in the U.S. As first reported by today. The FCC has[...]

Tel.Me. Telecom & Media Products T919 combined phone (pictures)

This Tel.Me. PDA/Camera/Phone is similar to the Sony Ericsson unit due in the US this Fall.

Sony to release a PDA/phone combo unit in the US

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is set to make the American debut of a handful of new high-tech mobile phones Wednesday in New York.