Sony Ericsson 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sony Ericsson Articles for 2003

Sony Ericsson Unveils the P900 Smart Phone

The P900 will be smaller, faster, and offer other improvements over its predecessor, Sony Ericsson's P800, which came out early last year.

Sony Ericsson Announces the P900 – PDA Phone Combo

It seems there was a ton of excitement surrounding the Sony Ericsson P800 many months ago, but it never was picked up in the by a carrier, even after T-Mobile[...]

Sony Ericsson Prepping the P810 – New PDA/Phone Combo Unit (pictures)

When Sony Ericsson announced the P800 last year, there was a ton of excitement and promise. The P800 never gained sponsorship by a wireless provider in the US though, after[...]

Sony Ericsson Denies It’s Considering Palm OS

Though PalmSource's CEO mentioned earlier this week that his company is in talks with Sony Ericsson, the European mobile phone maker says it is committed to the Symbian OS.

PalmSource in Talks with Sony Ericsson

PalmSource and Sony Ericsson are discussing the possibility of the mobile phone company releasing devices running the Palm OS.

Live From CES – Sony Ericsson P800 Hands On

The Sony Ericsson is one of the most anticipated and delayed integrated device out there. We now have hard facts that point to a March release on the T-Mobile system.[...]

Motorola A920 – Symbian Smartphone on the Way

The Moto A920 is a direct response to Sony Ericsson's P800. The A920 runs on the same OS with many of the same features. The FCC has released photos and[...]

Sony Ericsson, Handango Partner to Provide Wireless Software Downloads

The new Sony Ericsson Application Shop Client allows users of some smart phones to search for, download, and purchase Symbian software wirelessly from their phones.

Asus to Release New Pocket PC Phone Edition – MyPal A8100

Is it possible that Asus has dropped the Microsoft Smartphone OS in favor of Pocket PC Phone Edition? That seems possible as Asus has gone quiet about their Smartphone model[...]

PDA News – New ARM Processors, Pocket Quicken, Transcriber Update, P800 Sled

MediaQ has licensed the ARM9 core to develop handheld device processors Pocket Quicken has finally been released for Pocket PC Microsoft has posted an update for Transcriber for[...]

Live From TechXNY — New York

Living in New York has its perks when shows like TechXNY take place (Sept. 16 - 18) and I can jump on the subway to go and talk to all[...]

PDA News – WiFi Providers Ally, Windows Media on Symbian, Opera Browser for Sony Ericsson P800

WiFi providers are talking about an alliance that would make life easier for users A new media player will support Windows Media Series 9 on Symbian devices like the[...]

PDA News – Sony Ericsson to Try PDA Advertising, Cell Numbers to be Portable Soon, New AvantGo Beta

Sony Ericsson is planning on trying out adverts on wireless PDAs The FCC is getting closer to allowing "number portability" for cell phone numbers AvantGo has released a[...]

PDA News Bits – Sony and Ericsson Add Cash, New Intel PDA Processors, Pocket PC Alien Game, Free PDA Cases

Sony and Ericsson have agreed to add cash to their Sony Ericsson joint venture Intel to release a new XScale PDA processor Pick up free PDA cases [...]

PDA News Bits – Doom for SE P800, PDA sales fall, location based content

Doom has been ported to the Sony Ericsson P800 Worldwide PDA shipments fell 9.1% in 2002 The future of location based content

PDA News – Danger Software Update, Technologies That Could Improve PDAs, Sony Ericsson P800 on Sale

Danger has begun releasing their first software update for the Sidekick Ed Hardy from Brighthand takes a look at potential influences on new PDAs Instead of paying $650[...]