Sony Ericsson 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sony Ericsson Articles for 2005

Sony Ericsson May Be Developing New Wireless Handheld

Sony Ericsson is reportedly preparing a replacement for the P910, a cellular-wireless handheld that ran Symbian's UIQ interface. The new model will have an integrated keyboard with a better design[...]

Decuma Handwriting Recognition Released for UIQ

Zi Corporation has released a version of its Decuma Alphabetic handwriting recognition software for the Sony Ericsson P800/900/910 series of cellular-wireless handhelds.

First Hint of a Sony Ericsson P970

Rumors have begun circulating that Sony Ericsson is going to release a less expensive version of its upcoming P990 smartphone.

Sony Ericsson P990 SmartPhone Announced

It looks like Sony Ericsson is going to try and keep up in the SmartPhone arms race by releasing a new device dubbed the P990 that is the replacement for[...]

DataViz Documents To Go Now Available for Sony Ericsson P800, P900, and P910

DataViz has just released a version of its very popular mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, for Sony Ericsson's line of cellular-wireless handhelds.

Sony Ericsson Readying P910 Replacement

Rumors indicate that Sony Ericsson is developing a UIQ smartphone with a shape reminiscent of the Treo and BlackBerry.

PDA and Tech Deals for 1/21/2005 – 1/23/2005

Dell Home Coupons for up to $70 off PurchasepalmeOne Zire 72 32MB PDA $248 - $50 Rebate = $198 TotalMotorola MPx220 SmartPhone (Cingular) Free After RebateZen Micro 5GB MP3 Player[...]

PDA News – Treo 650 in Europe, 6 GB Microdrives, New Sony Ericsson smartphone?

Treo 650 launches in Europe Hitachi debuts 6 GB microdrives Report: Sony Ericsson planning updated P series smartphone Bluetooth crippling lawsuit expands