Sony Ericsson 2007 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sony Ericsson Articles for 2007

Software Update for Sony Ericsson P990i and W950i Coming in August

Responding to earlier complaints from its customers of there being no more firmware updates, Sony Ericsson has announced that a firmware update will come to the owners of two of[...]

Sony Ericsson Announces a Slim UIQ Smartphone

Sony Ericsson has officially announced the latest entry in its popular P series of smartphones. The P1 will offer a built-in keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, and much more.

Sony Ericsson Stops Developing Firmware for P990, W950, and M600

According to a posted email at the Sony Ericsson developer forums, this company has stopped firmware development for some of its older Symbian UIQ-based mobile devices.

Mobile Phone Makers Developing Another Memory Card Standard

A group of companies -- including Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson -- aren't happy with the memory cards that are available now, and have come together to develop a new[...]

Mobile Tech News — Bible Commentary, Intellisync, Treo 680, and More

Laridian Releases the IVP Bible Background Commentary for Palm OS and Pocket PC Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Now Available for Sony Ericsson M600 and P990 Palm[...]

Sony Ericsson Planning Windows Mobile Smartphone?

HTC is reportedly going to design and manufacture what will be Sony Ericsson's first Windows Mobile smartphone.