Sprint 2001 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sprint Articles for 2001

Amazon.com Year End Electronic Clearance

If you're looking for a good deal on a PDA, Amazon.com has rebate offers on Pocket PCs from HP and Compaq, bonus buys on Palm and Handspring handhelds, and more[...]

Sprint to turn Handspring’s Visor into cell

Sprint PCS customers who own Handspring Visors will soon be able to use the devices to make phone calls and surf the Web on the Sprint PCS network from anywhere[...]

REVIEW: Samsung Embeds Cellphone Inside Palm in New I300 Device

THERE IS A new contender in the race to create the perfect merger of the hand-held computer and the wireless phone. Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has introduced the I300[...]

Tablet PCs, handhelds ready to rumble?

As the capabilities of handheld computers expand and as Tablet PCs emerge, some in the technology industry believe the two categories are headed toward a collision course.

Adobe Acrobat Does New Tricks with PDAs

Acrobat Reader, a recognized industry standard for transferring Web content to desktop PCs and other Internet-enabled devices, is now available in a beta version for Pocket PC users

Lawsuit alleges Palm defect

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in San Francisco County Superior Court, claimed the function that allows people to synchronize the data of the mobile device to their PCs "damages or destroys[...]

Sprint finally releases the Samsung I-300

We heard the stories that Samsung officially released the much anticipated I300 last week, but the first glimpse of the PDA/phone combo took place on the Sprint website today.

Compaq pushes wireless with Australian iPAQ launch

Compaq's new iPAQ Pocket PCs and supporting peripherals made their Australian debut at a company roadshow in Melbourne last night.

Handspring licenses microbrowser to Sprint

Handspring announced Monday that it has struck a deal with wireless carrier Sprint PCS to license the handheld device maker's Web microbrowser.

Samsung Telecommunications America and Sprint PCS Announce Agreement to Bring Compact, Full-Color PDA Phone to Market

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 20, 2001--Wireless industry leaders, Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) and Sprint PCS (NYSE:PCS) today announced the companies' intentions to bring to market the technology to converge a wireless[...]

Linux makes a move into handhelds

Linux is finding another inroad into the computing world besides PCs and servers. In a market report on handheld computers due out by the end of[...]

Sprint to beef up wireless applications

Sprint PCS will announce Wednesday the company is bolstering its wireless Internet service for businesses with software from Everypath.

The ultimate guide to wireless e-mail devices

OK, we admit it--reviews of wireless email devices and add-on modems aren't as easy to find as they should be on CNET Wireless. Part of the problem is that they[...]