Sprint 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sprint Articles for 2002

UPDATE – AT&T to Release Siemens SX56 Pocket PC Phone (picture)

It looks like AT&T is finally going to get into the game. While T-Mobile, Cingular and Sprint pass them by, the tortoise has partnered with Siemens to bring them up[...]

News from Comdex Fall 2002

Dell and HP launch new Pocket PCs; PalmSource announces a new Palm OS licensee; and much more

Rumor Mill: Pictures and prices of Dell’s Pocket PCs

Updated Information and pictures of two upcoming Pocket PCs from Dell, rumored to retail for $199 and $299, are beginning to leak out.

GoodLink may be bad for RIM

Good Technology's GoodLink wireless email software will soon work in Pocket PCs, Palm Powered handhelds, and BlackBerry devices--and it's got devices of its own too. Think RIM is concerned? You[...]

Microsoft and Samsung hint at sub-$200 Pocket PCs

Microsoft continues to explore ways to offer lower-priced Pocket PCs, this time partnering with Samsung in announcing its low-cost Pocket PC concept design.

First Glimpse of Hitachi Pocket PC

his handheld will include a built-in keyboard and camera and be able to connect to Sprint's high-speed wireless network.

What Ails Bluetooth?

It's hard to know where to begin with Bluetooth. So much has been written on this newly pervasive communication buzzword. Yet here is a technology that still has problems, especially[...]

Handspring Treo 300 Released! (Pictures)

Sprint today announced that its CDMA 2000 wireless network, being touted as PCS Vision will be available starting next week. The Handspring Treo 300 will run on the new[...]

Dell talks about its upcoming Axim X5 Pocket PCs

Dell offers more information about its upcoming line of Pocket PCs, providing a complete picture of the models available later this month.

RUMOR: Handspring Treo 300 This Week?

We are expecting to hear more about the Handspring Treo 300 smartphone as the week progresses. The Treo 300 will be the same as the colored Treo 270, but[...]

It’s A(nother) new Treo from Handspring

Handspring will apparently be offering a new version of its Treo, the Treo 300, that includes integration with Sprint's new 3G wireless network to be rolled out next month.

BrightBytes™: Sprint, Sound Effects and more

Sprint is offering access to its high-speed wireless network at a bargain price, Red Mercury has updated its apps to support Palm OS 5, HandStory Suite is coming to the[...]

BrightBytes™: PPC Printing, Tungsten Tunes, New Reseller

HP is giving away a utility to allow Pocket PCs to print, there is a new audio player for the Tungsten T, PdaPointer is a new software reseller, and more.

Video Conferencing for the Pocket PC

Microsoft Portrait enables two-way video conferencing on Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs for the first time in the world.

Turn your iPAQ into a video phone

France Telecom researchers have developed an unprecedented software application that transforms PDAs equipped with a miniature camera into full-fledged mobile videophone devices. This means users can set up a wireless[...]

New Pocket PC from Hitachi has it all, literally (picture)

Hitachi may be about to release the first Pocket PC with everything - phone, data, keyboard, camera...am I missing anything? From the picture it looks like Sprint will be supporting[...]

Whose Lunch Will Dell Eat Next?

We all know Dell as the giant in direct sales of configurable PCs. Two years ago Dell started reselling printers, handhelds and peripherals made by other companies and we[...]

Cutting Edge cuts the cords allowing access to files on your PC with a wireless Palm OS PDA

Mobility Electronics, a Cutting Edge subsidiary, annouced the release of MobileFile. MobileFile gives mobile professionals wireless access to data files on their PCs, including MP3's.

Seinfeld on your Pocket PC – TV *Anywhere*!

Most of us have heard or read about, and probably drooled over, TiVo, ReplayTV and other expensive Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), also known as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). And most[...]