Sprint 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sprint Articles for 2003

Palm vs. Pocket PC: The Paths Grow Nearer

Palm handhelds are becoming more full-featured while Pockets PCs are getting slimmer, lighter and cheaper. So where are we headed in the pursuit of the perfect device?

Bluetooth Phone Available from Sprint

The Sony Erricsson T608, the first CDMA mobile phone with Bluetooth, is available in limited quantities from Sprint PCS.

Toshiba e755 Gets an OS Upgrade, Price Cut

Toshiba is now shipping its Wi-Fi enabled handheld with the latest version of the operating system for Pocket PCs. It has also dropped the price for this model by[...]

Sprint Releasing Two Pocket PC Phone Edition Devices

Sprint will release the Hitachi G1000 and Samsung SPH-i700 before the end of June.

FCC Approves Toshiba e800 and e805

The FCC has given Toshiba permission to release two new high-end Pocket PCs. These will offer a number of new features, but won't have the VGA screens previously rumored.

HP Launches Two New iPAQ Models

HP today announced two new iPAQ Pocket PCs -- the h4155 and the h4355. However, the h4155 will not be available for shipment to customers until October 31, while the[...]

RumorMill™: Two New iPAQs Coming Monday

According to information received by Brighthand, HP will announce two new iPAQ Pocket PCs -- the h4155 and the h4355 -- on Monday, October 13. However, the h4155 will not[...]

Windows Mobile 2003 May Have Problem with Alarms

Users of the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for Pocket PCs report that their handhelds sometimes don’t properly handle alarms.

Pocket PC’s Brewing SDIO Crisis

Lack of universal drivers may seriously hamper the ability to use SDIO peripherals with all Pocket PCs. That is, unless a solution can be found soon.

Where Are the Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrades?

More than a month after the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system for Pocket PCs, most people are still waiting for their Windows Mobile upgrades.

First Glimpse of the Treo 600

Updated Jeff Hawkins offered a quick demo of Handspring’s next smartphone at a Sprint conference yesterday. It's significantly different from current Treo models and we've[...]

bargainPDA Pocket PC Today Screen Themes

Pocket PC Themes and customzied Today Screens are certainly not a new thing, but many people that use Pocket PCs do know about themes but don't know how to install[...]

Axim X3 Series Gets FCC Approval

Updated The FCC has given Dell approval to release a new series of Pocket PCs in the US, bringing to light new information about these devices.

RumorMill™: eCost Leaks Picture of the Toshiba e405

An online retailer has leaked the first picture and some details about one of the two Pocket PCs Toshiba is planning to release this season.

RumorMill™: The Pocket Loox 610 Revealed

Reportedly, Fujitsu-Siemens will release two Pocket PCs later this year, one of which will offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while the other will have just Bluetooth.

Dell Launches Axim X3

Orders are now being taken for Dell's latest series of Pocket PCs. These are smaller than its previous Axim X5 series, have a single SD slot, and one model has[...]

HP and Sprint SPC Developing Wireless iPAQ

HP’s on-again off-again wireless handheld is apparently on again according to reports coming out of Sprint's Users Forum held in Dallas this week.

Hands-On With The Hitachi G1000 and News on the Delay of Samsung s i700

For a brief while this afternoon, I had the pleasure of using the Hitachi G1000 and discussed the future of the Samsung i700 with a well placed Sprint employee. Bad[...]

RumorMill™: New Axim Models Coming Thursday

Dell is expected to announce two new Pocket PCs this week, one of which will have built-in Wi-Fi.

Microsoft Relaxes Pocket PC Hardware Restrictions

People can expect to see Pocket PCs in the future with radical new designs -- including clamshells with integrated keyboards -- now that Microsoft has eased the hardware requirements its[...]