Sprint 2004 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sprint Articles for 2004

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ hx4700

HP's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen is big in every way. It has the biggest screen and the biggest battery of any of the VGA Pocket PCs.[...]

Which VGA Pocket PC is Right for You?

Soon there will be five Pocket PCs with VGA displays and dual slots on the market. Although somewhat similar, their exact specifications vary, and people considering buying one should look[...]

Audiovox 6601 / Sprint PPC-6601 Pocket PC Phone Review

The Sprint PPC-6601 is the same as the Audiovox 6601 Pocket PC Phone branded under the Sprint PCS Wireless provider brand. Also sold in Europe as the XDA[...]

More Windows Mobile 2005 Details Emerge

A few more details have slipped out about the next version of Microsoft's operating system for Pocket PCs. This will include a revamp of the Pocket Office applications, as well[...]

Review – palmOne Treo 650

I don't care what anyone says about the Treo 650's memory issues, lack of WiFi support, limited Bluetooth functionality, poor sound quality, dialing delays or the fact that it's only[...]

New Windows Mobile SE Handhelds Expected Soon

The next generation of Pocket PCs is about to hit the market. Many of these will take advantage of Windows Mobile's new capabilities, including offering VGA screens.

Bye-Bye Toshiba! We’ll Miss You!

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief shares his thoughts on Toshiba's departure from the U.S. handheld market, and what this could mean for future Pocket PCs.

HP Readies New iPAQs (Updated)

Hewlett-Packard is preparing to unveil several new iPAQ Pocket PCs. Some of the features in these models include built-in 1.3 megapixel cameras, GSM/GPRS, and 4-inch VGA displays.

Samsung i550 Palm OS Smart Phone Gets FCC Approval

A new Palm OS smart phone from Samsung should be available on the Sprint wireless network sometime before the end of this year.

RumorMill™: Is this the iPAQ h6300?

Additional information has emerged about HP's upcoming line of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs that also offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Latest on the Treo 650

Someone who was given a brief opportunity to try out the Sprint PCS version of the Treo 650 has released a large number of pictures of it. These confirm some[...]

Preview – Samsung i550 Palm OS SmartPhone

Samsung will be refreshing its i500 Palm OS SmartPhone device with a release of the Samsung i550 in the U.S. on the Sprint network later this year. This device[...]

FCC Spills the Beans on the iPAQ rx3000 Series

The FCC has given HP permission to release in the U.S. a series of new Pocket PCs targeted at consumers.

RumorMill™: New Daxian Pocket PC Phone Coming to Sprint

Reportedly, a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC designed by Daxian Telecom will be available in the U.S. from Sprint later this year.

An Overview of the HP iPAQ rx3000 Series

The three iPAQ rx3000 series models are high-end Pocket PCs with a focus on multimedia. They come with software that allows them to easily play music and video streamed from[...]

Samsung Confirms SPH-i550’s Existence

Samsung recently acknowledged the existence of an upcoming Palm OS smartphone for CDMA networks. This device is expected to be available from Sprint PCS later this year.

Motorola MPx Will Have an Unusual Memory Arrangement

Additional details have come to light about Motorola's upcoming cellular-wireless handheld. It uses a new memory arrangement that might be the model for future Pocket PCs.

Worldwide Handheld Market Up Over 13 Percent

The number of handhelds shipped worldwide was up substantially last quarter, but shipments of Palm OS models were down. This meant that, for the first time, more Pocket PCs shipped[...]

Sony Vaio U50 Review

Sony's newest entry into their line of ultra-small PCs blurs the line between laptop and handheld computing, packing desktop processors and 20 GB of storage into a device the size[...]

High-End Pocket PC Coming Soon to Sprint

Sprint will soon begin offering the Audiovox PPC-6601, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC with a built-in keyboard, a generous amount of memory, and Bluetooth.