Sprint 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sprint Articles for 2005

Don’t Expect Another ”Summer of Pocket PC”

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief warns that, unlike the last two years, a lot of new Pocket PCs aren't going to debut this summer.

PDA News – More new iPaqs, Treo updates, iPaq 6500 release date

iPaq 6320 & 6700 PocketPC communicators Software updates for Treo 650 Bluetooth, Sprint roaming Reported dates for iPaq 6500

Cingular Demoing Treo 650 at CES

There are strong signs that Sprint's monopoly on the Treo 650 is about to come to an end.

HP Leaks Details on the iPAQ hw6700 Series (Updated)

HP has posted the details of an unannounced series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs on its European web site. These might be the first handhelds with built-in 802.11g support.

Another Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC Coming from Samsung

Samsung has announced the i750, the third in a series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs being put together by this company. While this handheld resembles the previous two models in many[...]

HTC Universal on Track for Q3 Release

HTC is expected to begin volume production soon of one of the most highly anticipated Pocket PCs of this year.

First Thoughts – Sprint PPC-6700

The Sprint PPC 6700, also known as the HTC Apache, is the newest PocketPC phone available on the Sprint network. Featuring Bluetooth, WiFi, EVDO, and Windows Mobile 5.0, we take[...]

palmOne Fixes Memory Problem on Sprint Treo 650

palmOne has released a ROM update for the Sprint version of the Treo 650. This includes a number of improvements, the most significant of which makes this smartphone use memory[...]

Sprint PCS Launches the PPC-6700 Smartphone

Sprint PCS has quietly launched the PPC-6700. It's available now to business customers at $480, which is an aggressive price considering alternatives. The Sprint PCS PPC-6700 is their branded version[...]

Significant System Updates Released for Treo 650

palmOne has released a software update for Sprint's version of the Treo 650, and another update for the version of this smartphone that isn't locked to any specific carrier.

Microsoft Phasing out ‘Pocket PC’ and ‘Smartphone’ Brand Names

Microsoft has decided to stop referring to devices as Pocket PCs or Smartphones. Instead, both these groups of products will be combined in one category, Windows Mobile devices.

First Glimpse of Opera for Pocket PC

Although Opera Software makes versions of its web browser for sevaral mobile platforms, it does not yet make one for Pocket PCs. However, this will soon change.

PDA News – Treo rumor, Axim ROM update, Palm PDF issue

Report: Treo 700p early next year on Sprint Dell releases ROM update for Axim X51, X51v--sort of Dataviz PDF reader inadequate; free solution on the rise Cingular[...]

Updated MiTAC Pocket PC with GPS Receiver Released

The Mio168RS is one of the few Pocket PCs to include a built-in GPS receiver. Unlike its predecessor, this latest device from MiTAC runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

HP Debuts Three New iPAQ Models

HP is now taking pre-orders for three new Pocket PCs in its business-oriented hx2000 series. Despite their new names, though, these are essentially upgraded versions of devices that were introduced[...]

Sprint Cancels Samsung i550 Palm OS Smartphone (Updated)

Reportedly, Palm OS smartphone developed for Sprint has been canceled and will never be released.

iPAQ hw6500 Now Available in Germany

T-Mobile Germany is now offering the iPAQ hw6510, making it the first company to sell a model from this series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs.

Acer N300 Series Gets FCC Approval

Both the N310 and N311 are Pocket PCs that will offer VGA screens and USB host capabilities in a surprisingly small and light package.

Sprint Launches First Pocket PC Phone with Windows Mobile 5.0

Sprint has launched the PPC-6700, the first cellular-wireless handheld in the U.S. with Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0.

Cingular Accidentally Confirms iPAQ hw6500 Plans

Although Cingular Wireless has not yet officially confirmed that it intends to offer HP's latest cellular-wireless Pocket PCs, it recently made it clear that it will begin doing so in[...]