Sprint 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Sprint Articles for 2006

Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow – In-Depth (pics)

Windows Vista SideShow is a secondary display that's going to be built into notebooks and Tablet PCs in the second half of this year. The display can be used to[...]

Palm Treo 700wx First Impressions Review

Sprint PCS has recently launched its first Windows Mobile Treo, and Ed Hardy brings us his thoughts after using this smartphone for a short time.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Types of Windows Mobile?

Many of the most popular smartphones bear the Windows Mobile logo, but anyone considering buying one of these should be aware that there are two very different versions of Windows[...]

Ultra Mobile PCs Are Going to Be Very Important

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief explains why he thinks Microsoft's and Intel's vision for Ultra Mobile PCs is going to have a big impact on the mobile world... in a few years.

ActiveSync Getting a New Name, Facelift

The next version of Microsoft's operating system for desktop computers will include some major changes in the synchronization software for Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Motorola Q Coming to Sprint

Sprint's CEO has promised that his company will begin offering a popular Windows Mobile Smartphone in a few months.

Palm Updates Sprint Treo 650

Palm, Inc. has released a ROM update for the Sprint PCS version of the Treo 650 smartphone. It includes a number of enhancements.

Opera Browser Now Available for Pocket PCs

Opera Software has just released the full version of its Web browser for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

First Origami Ultra Mobile PCs Unveiled

Today, Intel officially announced the first three Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) that are part of the Origami Project.

Palm Formally Announces Treo 700wx

Palm has officially announced the Treo 700wx, a Windows Mobile smartphone that is available exclusively from Sprint PCS in the United States.

The Latest on the Treo 700wx

Sprint is expected to begin offering its first Windows Mobile Treo next week, and information on this device is leaking out all over, including a copy of its official data[...]

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Treo 700w and 700wx

A video comparing Sprint's upcoming Windows Mobile Treo and the one currently being offered by Verizon Wireless has appeared on the Web.

Samsung UMPC Coming to a Store Near You

When Samsung introduced one of the first Ultra Mobile PCs, the company said it would be available only online. Today, however, Samsung announced that this model will be available in[...]

Mac OS X Users Can Now Synchronize with Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices

Mark/Space has just released an update to its popular synchronization software for Mac OS X that adds support for Pocket PCs and smartphones that run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

Pricing and Availability for Samsung, Asus UMPCs

Although both Samsung and Asus have taken the wraps off their Ultra Mobile PCs, at the announcement neither said anything official about when these devices would be available or at[...]

HP Quietly Ships Upgraded iPAQ hx2000 Models

With absolutely no fanfare, HP appears to be delivering upgraded versions of some of its hx2000 series Pocket PCs.

Mobile Tech News – Wi-Fi Battle, Sprint EVDO Upgrade, Wireless Broadband

BellSouth to New Orleans: shut down free WiFi Sprint plans for EVDO Revision A Rogers Canada to offer 1.5 Mbit wireless broadband 1SRC mocks us

Samsung’s Next UMPC Will Offer HSDPA

Since introducing one of the first ultra-mobile PCs, Samsung has announced several refinements to this models. The latest of these, called the Q1P, will offer support for high-speed HSDPA cellular-wireless[...]

New Samsung UMPCs Debut

Samsung has widened the range of Ultra Mobile PCs it offers. It has recently begun selling two new variations of its original model.

Mobile Tech News — Faster Sprint EV-DO, Windows Mobile RPG, PocketTunes Update, and More

Sprint Accelerates EV-DO Revision A Upgrade Astraware Releases Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars for Windows Mobile NornSoft Releases a PocketTunes Update Vodafone and RIM[...]