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PPC-6800 Coming Soon to Sprint

Evidence is mounting that Sprint will begin offering a new Pocket PC phone in the near future. This will supposedly offer a built-in keyboard, Wi-Fi b/g, and be upgradable to[...]

Sprint May Be Prepping Treo 755p

A rumor indicates that Sprint will be launching a new smartphone from Palm, Inc. in a few months.

FlipStart Micro Laptop Finally Available

After many years in development, FlipStart Labs' has begun selling its computer small enough warrant interest from those who want something far less bulky than a typical laptop.

Mobile Tech News — Flat-Rate Data Roaming, Free iPhone Publicity, Mobile WiMAX

Vodafone Announces New Flat-Rate Data Roaming Charge Apple Has Received $400 million in Free iPhone Publicity Sprint Nextel to Roll Out Mobile WiMAX Services in Texas[...]

Microsoft Announces Windows Mobile 6

UPDATED: Microsoft was forced by circumstances to pre-announce Windows Mobile 6 several days before it had intended to, but the the formal announcement went off as scheduled.

Sprint Reveals WiMAX Pricing

Sprint has announced what it expects to charge for monthly access to its upcoming fourth generation (4G) nationwide cellular-wireless network.

New Evidence of the Treo 755p

The first hint of the Treo 755p came just a few days ago, and there's already some solid evidence that this model really is in development, and isn't a hoax[...]

Palm Formally Announces Treo 700wx

Palm has officially announced the Treo 700wx, a Windows Mobile smartphone that is available exclusively from Sprint PCS in the United States.

Windows Mobile 6 Coming Soon to the T-Mobile Dash, More Devices Expected

Microsoft has taken the wraps off the latest version of its operating system for handhelds and smartphones, and big-name companies are quickly stepping forward to support it including Palm, HP,[...]

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Treo 700w and 700wx

A video comparing Sprint's upcoming Windows Mobile Treo and the one currently being offered by Verizon Wireless has appeared on the Web.

Rumors Circulating of Ultra-Thin, WiMAX Treo

According to an anonymous source, Palm is going to release a smartphone late this year with some cutting-edge features.

TeleNav and Sprint Launching Sprint Navigation

Sprint is teaming with TeleNav to offer a service that will give users turn-by-turn voice and on-screen directions.

The Latest on the Treo 755p

Some new information has emerged on the device that's supposed to be the next CDMA smartphone from Palm, Inc.

Sprint’s Motorola Q Will Be Black

Some pictures of the Sprint version a Windows Mobile Smartphone have emerged, showing that it will have a black casing, not the silver one currently being offered by Verizon Wireless.

Windows Mobile Treo 700 May Finally Be Coming to Sprint

There is very good evidence that Sprint will soon release the Treo 700wx, a souped-up version of a smartphone that debuted early this year.

Sprint Reveals Motorola Q Plans

After pre-announcing its plans months ago, Sprint has just officially promised that it will begin offering the Motorola Q before the end of January.

PDA and Smartphone Deals – Updated 4/3/07

T-Mobile Dash - get $25 back New Discounts - Palm Treo 700p - $94.90 HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion - $499 no rebates Many more...[...]

Treo 700p System Software Update Scheduled for Next Month

Users of the Treo 700p have complained about problems with Bluetooth wireless networking, and for months Palm has been promising a system software update to deal with these. This is[...]

Sprint Plans Nationwide WiMAX Rollout

Sprint has announced plans to create a fourth generation (4G) wireless network. This will use the mobile WiMAX standard and bring broadband-like speeds to mobile devices across the U.S.

Treo 700wx May Be Coming to Verizon

An unconfirmed report says Verizon will soon begin offering the Treo 700wx, an improved version of the Treo smartphone this carrier has been selling since early last year.