Symbian 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Symbian Articles for 2002

Microsoft Smartphone Released

Microsoft will be powering the new Smartphone released in England yesterday titled the SPV (Sound, Pictures, Video). This smartphone will run Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 OS and come equipped with[...]

Symbian Rules the Roost in Europe

Symbian OS, with Nokia as its champion, dominates the market for handhelds and smartphones in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa

BrightBytes™: Toshiba, Agendus, Symbian, and more

Toshiba recalls some e740 models; iambic releases Agendus for Windows; Samsung to use Symbian OS in some future handsets

Symbian gets boost from Intel, next goal, take over the US handheld market

Today at the Symbian Developer Expo in London, Intel and Symbian announced support for Intel's XScale processors in Symbian OS version 7.0.