Symbian 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Symbian Articles for 2003

Sony Ericsson Announces the P900 – PDA Phone Combo

It seems there was a ton of excitement surrounding the Sony Ericsson P800 many months ago, but it never was picked up in the by a carrier, even after T-Mobile[...]

Sony Ericsson Denies It’s Considering Palm OS

Though PalmSource's CEO mentioned earlier this week that his company is in talks with Sony Ericsson, the European mobile phone maker says it is committed to the Symbian OS.

CEO of Sony Wants to Buy PalmSource

Sony’s CEO likes the Palm OS so much, he wants to own the company. However, he is less happy with using Symbian for smartphones.

RIM Makes Deals with Microsoft and Symbian

Users of Symbian OS and both Microsoft's mobile operating systems may be able to use the BlackBerry email service in the future.

Motorola A920 Released in Europe

One of the most advanced integrated devices to date, the A920 from Motorola will finally see the light. Running the Symbian OS, the A920 brings the normal PDA functions to[...]

Sony Ericsson, Handango Partner to Provide Wireless Software Downloads

The new Sony Ericsson Application Shop Client allows users of some smart phones to search for, download, and purchase Symbian software wirelessly from their phones.

Motorola Picks Linux for New Smartphone

Motorola has passed over the Palm OS, Symbian, and Microsoft's various offerings in favor of using Linux in a new multimedia smartphone coming out later this year.

Motorola Leaving Symbian Partnership

Motorola plans to sell its share of the company that makes the Symbian OS to Nokia and Psion. However, it will continue to use the operating system in future smart[...]

Samsung Buys 5% of Symbian

South Korea’s Samsung has made a major investment in the company that develops the Symbian OS.

PDA News – WiFi Providers Ally, Windows Media on Symbian, Opera Browser for Sony Ericsson P800

WiFi providers are talking about an alliance that would make life easier for users A new media player will support Windows Media Series 9 on Symbian devices like the[...]

PDA News – Anthelion released, Treo 600 leather cases, Quickoffice on P900

Full version of Anthelion released Treo 600 leather cases from Covertec Quickoffice for Symbian trial included with Sony-Ericsson P900 BargainPDA downtime

PDA News – Motorola sells Symbian stake, iQue bundle, New ebook device

Motorola sells 19% share of Symbian Seidio bundle for iQue HP develops ebook device

PDA News – Intel to Release Faster PDA Chips, USB Support for Symbian, Socket Update

Intel is expanding its XScale offering with a new chip code named Bulverde USB host software for Symbian now available Socket Communications reported improved fiscal results thanks in[...]

Review – Ara Que Assault Version 1.0

Ara-Que Assault (AQA) is a Space Invaders clone that was originally designed for mobile phones using the Symbian platform. A Palm OS version of AQA was recently released and is[...]