Symbian 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Symbian Articles for 2008

Nokia E71 Review

In his latest review, Antoine Wright says, "If you need a smartphone that works very hard, but leaves room to play, it's very hard to find anything out currently that[...]

Skyfire Mobile Web Browser Preview

Skyfire is a newly announced web browser for mobile devices. Brighthand's Ed Hardy has been testing out a early beta of this application, and he calls it "far and away[...]

iPhone vs. Android: a Study in Contrasts

Apple's iPhone OS and Google's Android OS have a great deal in common; both are Linux-based operating systems for smartphones. But Ed Hardy's latest editorial discusses the dramatic differences[...]

Energizer Energi To Go Portable Power Outlet Review

Energizer has a solution for people who can never seem to find a power outlet when they need one. Kevin O'Brien has a review of this company's portable battery[...]

Nokia N96 First Thoughts Preview

Nokia has unveiled its latest high-end Symbian/S60 smartphone with a multimedia focus, the N96. This device is on display now at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and Brighthand's Kevin[...]

Nokia N81 8GB Review

Antoine Wright brings us a review of the Nokia N81 8GB a Symbian/S60 smartphone with an emphasis on multimedia and gaming.

Nokia N96 Review

The Nokia N96 is currently Nokia's multimedia flagship model, and offers a range of high-end features, including TV-Out. Antoine Wright brings us a review of this consumer-oriented smartphone.

Nokia N78 Preview

The Nokia N78 was launched in the United States last week, and we bring you a video overview of the features offered by this new consumer-oriented S60 smartphone.

Touchscreen Next?

New technologies like projection displays have the potential to revolutionize mobile computers, and Antoine Wright has been thinking hard about the future of touch-based user interfaces.

Nokia N81 8GB First Impressions Review

Nokia calls the N81 8GB a "multimedia computer" rather than a simple smartphone, and Antoine Wright has had a few days to see if this device lives up to the[...]

Nokia N95 8GB Gets Firmware Update

The latest N95 system software update brings a number of enhancements to speed up this high-end smartphone.

Nokia E63 Smartphone Introduced

Nokia has released the E63, a smartphone similar to this company's popular E71, but with a more accessible price point and tweaked physical design.

Moving to Symbian/S60: Third-Party Applications

Antoine Wright continues his series of editorials talking about his experiences moving from a Palm OS smartphone to one running Symbian/S60. Today he covers the third-party software he has found[...]

New Rules on Carrying Spare Batteries on U.S. Flights

The U.S. Department of Transportation has instituted new rules for carrying spare batteries on an airplane. Starting today, these must go in the traveler's carry-on baggage, not in their checked[...]

Brighthand FAQ: Which Is Better, EV-DO, HSDPA, or Wi-Fi?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the Brighthand forums is about the differences between the 3G wireless networking standards offered by the U.S. telecoms. Adama Brown does his[...]

It’s the Web Browser, Stupid

Brighthand's Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to take the makers of most mobile devices to task for the lame web browsers included with their devices.

Rumored Nokia E72 to Supercede the E71

A leaked video shows a variant of Nokia's E71 smartphone, with it the assumption of it being its possible successor.

Nokia E66 and E71 Press Images Leaked, E71 Reviewed

Nokia is readying two E-series devices -- the E66 and E71 -- for release soon, as evidenced by press photos that have appeared on the Web.

Nokia N97 Unveiled

Nokia had announced the N97, a top-of-the-line smartphone featuring a touchscreen, sliding keyboard, and a host of sensors and wireless connectivity options.

Opera Mini 4.2 Now Available

Opera Mini 4.2, which appeared in beta form a few weeks ago, has had its official release. This web browser runs on a number of mobile platforms.