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Popular Symbian Articles for 2010

First 32 GB microSD Cards Now Available from SanDisk

Flash memory device maker SanDisk has released a 32 GB microSD card, which currently is the highest capacity removable memory card available for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Coming to BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, MeeGo

Adobe said today that versions of its Flash player are headed for all of the major smartphone operating systems. When available, these will allow a wide range of mobile devices[...]

System Software for the Nokia N97 Mini Updated

Just a few days after updating the firmware on the Nokia N97, its sister model the N97 Mini has also been updated. These two smartphones have much in common, and[...]

Android OS Will Get Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta this Month

Adobe says it will release a beta of Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones running Google's Android OS in a few weeks. This will allow users to access websites that[...]

Best Wireless Phone Plans for Students

Many households today are sending their kids off to school with shiny new cell phones and wireless plans in hand. Choices around students' wireless phones can be much more complicated[...]

Verizon Starts Trade-In Program for Used Cell Phones

Verizon has started a new program aimed at letting customers dispose of a phone in an environmentally sound way while also benefiting community programs and giving credit toward a new[...]

Nokia N8 Review

The Nokia N8 is a new Symbian^3 smartphone with an emphasis on multimedia, including a 12 megapixel camera. Antoine Wright brings us this review.

Nokia to Fight Back in Smartphones, but Without the Android OS

While Nokia continues to struggle in the US mobile market, the Finnish-based company has voiced plans to "fight back" in the smartphone space, and it won't be adopting Google's Android[...]

Why are Cell Phone Recycling Rates So Low?

Only 10% of unwanted cell phones are recycled annually, according to the EPA. And that may be an optimistic estimate. Why is the number so low, and what can be[...]

Nokia C3, Nokia C6, and Nokia E5 Will Focus on Social Networking

Nokia has announced three inexpensive phones geared toward messaging and social networking. They will feature different designs and software, but are all going to include full QWERTY keyboards and access[...]

What Advice Would You Give a First Time Smartphone Buyer?

Smartphones are all the rage right now, and millions of people are considering switching from their old featurephone to an iPhone or a BlackBerry or maybe a Droid. What would[...]

Nokia X3 Touch and Type To Have Touchscreen, Keypad

The wraps have just come off the Nokia X3 Touch and Type, an upcoming entry-level smartphone that will be Nokia's first to include both a touchscreen and a numberpad.

Nokia N8 First-Look Review

The Nokia N8 is a new Symbian^3 smartphone that packs a 12 megapixel camera and several other enhancements over previous Nokia models. It is positioned to vault its maker back[...]

T-Mobile Bringing Out Cheaper Data Plan, New Tethering Plan

T-Mobile, the fourth-largest wireless phone company in the U.S., has just announced that it is adding two more wireless data plans. One of these will be an inexpensive plan for[...]

Analyst: Android OS Is Now Number One in the U.S.

After jumping over the BlackBerry OS to turn into the most widely used mobile operating system in the U.S., Google's Android OS is now on track to take over the[...]

The ”Must-Have” Features for Student Smartphones

When someone is setting out to buy a smartphone, it's important to get one with all the features they need. This guide goes through the possibilities, discussing the features that[...]

T-Mobile Could Launch the the HTC HD2, Motorola Zeppelin Next Month

A roadmap of upcoming products has leaked out of T-Mobile USA, showing its plans to introduce several new models in March. The HTC HD2 will be a very high end[...]

Cell Phone Radiation Fears Escalate Despite a Lack of Evidence

While some studies claim that cell phone radiation and frequent use of cell phones can be hazardous to your health, there is still no concrete evidence linking cell phones to[...]

Nokia N97 Receives a Small Firmware Update

Nokia's flagship Symbian smartphone, the Nokia N97, has received system software update to v21, which includes improvements to the browser and music player, as well as other usability tweaks.

Skyfire 1.5 Mobile Browser Launched for Symbian Smartphones

A new version of the Skyfire web browser has been released for Symbian-powered smartphones. This is the latest version of a free app that seeks to bring a PC-like browsing[...]