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Popular Symbian Articles for 2012

IBM: BYOD Brings Security Woes, Consumerization & Hassles Over iPhone Vs. Android OS

With more employees bringing their own personal smartphones and tablets to work, employers are weighing Apple's iOS vs. Google's Android OS, including associated security and management concerns, IBM officials said[...]

Quad-Core Smartphones Dominated Mobile World Congress 2012

Mobile World Congress is wrapping up in Barcelona, and Brighthand's European correspondent brings us his picks for the most important announcements made at this annual smartphone tradeshow.

Smartphone Sales Projected to Grow Almost 40% This Year

As the worldwide mobile phone market grows in 2012, smartphones are projected to see an increase of sales of about 40% while feature phones will see a decline of about[...]

Researchers Working on Ways to Put 16-Core Processors in Smartphones

There's overclocking, and then there's this: University researchers are in the early stages of putting multi-core processors in smartphones to work in bursts of up to 16 times their normal[...]

Smartphone and Tablet Users Are Still Frustrated with Slow Mobile Download Speeds

Keynote Competitive Research shared results of its nationwide mobile user survey, revealing important insights depicting consumer mobile web experiences.

Solar Storm Will Disrupt GPS, but What About Cell Phones?

The Earth was hit with a massive solar storm early this morning, but what does that mean for cell phone and other wireless tech devices?

Isis Mobile Wallet Takes On Google’s Contactless Payment Service

It looks like Google Wallet will have some competition now, as Isis mobile wallet has launched in two trial markets, bringing the mobile payment system to select customers on three[...]

After Dramatic Growth, Android and iOS Are on 82% of All Smartphones

A study performed by market-analysts IDC showed that more than eight out of ten smartphones shipped in the first quarter were powered by the Android or iOS operating systems.

Nokia’s Very Advanced Camera Technology Heading for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia recently unveiled what it calls PureView, a image-processing technology which promises to greatly improve picture taking on mobile devices. Although it is going to debut on a Symbian

Roaming Between Wi-Fi Networks to Get Much Easier

The GSMA and the Wireless Broadband Alliance are working on a plan to allow smartphones to easily and seamlessly roam between different Wi-Fi networks, even if these are managed by[...]

Nokia Announces 808 PureView Smartphone With Breathtaking Imaging

Nokia is set to release the 808 PureView, a device that will revolutionize cameras on smartphones for years to come. The device will feature a whopping 41 megapixel camera.

Smartphone Sales Up Dramatically Last Year

According to a report by market-research firm IDC, the worldwide smartphone market grew 54.7% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2011. For the whole year, shipments were up a very[...]

Nokia 808 PureView with 41 Megapixel Camera Headed for the U.S.

The Nokia 808 PureView smartphone, along with its impressive 41 megapixel camera, will be available to consumers in the U.S. soon.

Smartphones Can Play a Role in Sleep Disorders

An article from our parent site TechnologyGuide covers research that shows many teens are giving up sleep to text their friends late into the night, and sometimes even in their[...]