T-Mobile 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular T-Mobile Articles for 2005

Juicy Couture and Mister Cartoon Sidekick II Special Edition Handhelds from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has been absent from most events we attend, mostly because they haven't launched a Smartphone in a long time. So we were surprised to see them at DigitalLife, even[...]

First Clamshell VGA Pocket PC Phone Unveiled

T-Mobile Germany has just taken the wraps off the MDA IV, the first cellular-wireless Pocket PC to include a VGA screen.

First Thoughts – BenQ P50 Windows Mobile Phone (pics)

I was able to spend a few minutes with BenQ's latest effort in the Smartphone space. BenQ hopes to have this unit available in the US by July, but makes[...]

Torq P100 Review

The Torq P100 is another entry into the Windows Mobile Smartphone market, which could use some more quality products. The Torq P100 is an updated version of the ETEN M500,[...]

Photo Tour – GSPDA Xplore M28, M68 and M98

We had a few moments to play with the new Palm OS based Smartphones from GSPDA at the CTIA this week. Following are several pictures of each device. They'll be[...]

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick II Hacked (Updated)

Paris Hilton has had her account with T-Mobile broken into by hackers.

T-Mobile to Offer More HTC Models (Tornado, Wizard, Universal/MDA Pro)

T-Mobile is looking to move into a better position with their Smartphone and PDA offerings. They are rumored to soon be carrying several HTC designs including the HTC Wizard, Universal[...]

New Details on the First Clamshell VGA Pocket PC Phone

Last week, T-Mobile Germany gave the world a glimpse of the first cellular-wireless Pocket PC to include a VGA screen. Now some additional information on this device has emerged.

T-Mobile Offering to Exchange iPAQ h6315

Because of many customer complaints, T-Mobile stopped offering the iPAQ h6315 last week. Now, a leaked internal T-Mobile document indicates that this wireless carrier is willing to exchange this Pocket[...]

Release Date Slips for HTC Universal Clamshell Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile Germany moving back when its version of the HTC Universal will be released is a strong indication that all versions of this device won't be[...]

T-Mobile U.S.A. Pulls the HP h6315

T-Mobile U.S.A. is no longer offering the iPAQ h6315 cellular-wireless Pocket PC. This was the only carrier in the United States offering this device.

iPAQ hw6500 Now Available in Germany

T-Mobile Germany is now offering the iPAQ hw6510, making it the first company to sell a model from this series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs.

The Missing Sync for T-Mobile Sidekick Released

Mark/Space has released software that allows users to synchronize a T-Mobile Sidekick with a computer running Mac OS X.

T-Mobile Germany Announces QVGA Smartphones

T-Mobile Germany has announced plans to release a pair of Windows Mobile smartphones with 240-by-320-pixel displays.

iPAQ h6300 Series May Be Coming to New Carriers

Recent rumors indicate that T-Mobile's monopoly on HP's cellular-wireless Pocket PC is about to come to an end.

T-Mobile Once Again Offering iPAQ h6315

After pulling this device from its shelves and web site last month, T-Mobile U.S.A. is once again offering the iPAQ h6315.

HTC Wizard Coming to Market

Several rumors have been reported surrounding the latest Windows Mobile Smartphone from HTC. The Wizard replaces the popular HTC Magician, aka T-Mobile MDA Compact, i-mate JAM, etc. The Wizard is[...]

PDA News – Blackberry War, Treo 700w review, Palm quarterly financials

NYT: USPTO to invalidate NTP patents Pre-release Treo 700w review Palm releases quarterly results T-Mobile still one year away from high-speed

T-Mobile USA Still a Year Away from 3G

T-Mobile USA is still lagging well behind its competitors in offering high-speed wireless service.

United Airlines Giving Away BlackBerries to Passengers

People who book a qualifying flight on United Airlines and sign up for T-Mobile wireless service can get a free BlackBerry cellular-wireless handheld.