T-Mobile 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular T-Mobile Articles for 2008

Nokia E71 Review

In his latest review, Antoine Wright says, "If you need a smartphone that works very hard, but leaves room to play, it's very hard to find anything out currently that[...]

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Review

RIM has launched the first BlackBerry with a clamshell design. Shaun Mahal brings us a review of this new consumer-oriented smartphone, which includes Wi-Fi and a SureType keyboard.

T-Mobile G1 Review

The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone with Android, Google's new operating system for mobile devices. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief brings us a review.

Nokia N96 Review

The Nokia N96 is currently Nokia's multimedia flagship model, and offers a range of high-end features, including TV-Out. Antoine Wright brings us a review of this consumer-oriented smartphone.

T-Mobile G1 Preview

T-Mobile took the wraps off the first Android-powered smartphone yesterday, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy was at the press conference to get a first-hand look at this device.

HTC Touch Dual Preview

HTC announced last week that it will soon begin directly selling the Touch Dual to consumers in the United States. The company also had this Windows Mobile smartphone on display[...]

Brighthand FAQ: What’s the Difference Between CDMA and GSM?

Often when a new member of the Brighthand forum asks for advice on which device to buy, one of the questions that trips them up has to do with cell[...]

Android 1.0 Will Have Bluetooth, Won’t Have GoogleTalk

Google and the Open Handset Alliance, the group behind the Android OS, have given a status update on two features in this upcoming mobile operating system.

Palm Treo Pro Revealed

A slip-up by Palm, Inc. may have given the world an advance look at this company's next smartphone, the Treo Pro.

Widen Your Choices with Unlocked Smartphones

Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief uses his latest editorial to try to be sure those who are in the market for a new smartphone are aware of a little-used option: unlocked devices.

Brighthand FAQ: Which Is Better, EV-DO, HSDPA, or Wi-Fi?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the Brighthand forums is about the differences between the 3G wireless networking standards offered by the U.S. telecoms. Adama Brown does his[...]

HTC Touch HD Now Shipping in the U.S.

The Touch HD isn't going to be officially released in N. America, but it is now available through at least one grey-market retailer.

T-Mobile USA Will Finally Have 3G Service Before This Summer

The long wait T-Mobile USA customers have been enduring for 3G service may be almost over; this week, the telecom committed to having 3G service up and running in[...]

T-Mobile May Launch the HTC Dream in Mid-September

An unconfirmed report gives the date T-Mobile will launch the HTC Dream, the very first smartphone running Google's Android operating system.

HTC Raphael Officially/Unofficially Announced

The European wireless carrier T-Mobile appears to have jumped the gun on HTC a bit, and has taken the wraps off a smartphone that earlier was only a rumor.

The Missing Sync Now Available for iPhone

Popular cross-platform synchronization software The Missing Sync by Mark/Space is now available for users of the Apple iPhone. This application makes it easier for users of other smartphones to switch[...]

Android Can Not Run Applications from a Memory Card

The first Android-based smartphone debuted this week, and users have discovered what many will consider a significant flaw: all applications have to be stored in internal memory.

Android-Based HTC Dream Available Unlocked

Many who are interested in Google's Android OS have been blocked from using it because it's currently available only on the T-Mobile G1. Fortunately for these people, there's now a[...]

Will the Recession Affect Smartphone Sales? Yes

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief gives his predictions on how the smartphone market will fare during the current economic downturn in the United States.

T-Mobile Has Already Sold 1.5 Million Android-Powered Smartphones

Demand for the T-Mobile G1 is high enough that 1.5 million of them have already been pre-ordered, sight unseen. The only other smartphone has seen so many units sold so[...]