T-Mobile 2010 SmartPhone Articles

Popular T-Mobile Articles for 2010

Android OS 2.2 Upgrade for Samsung Epic 4G, Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate Scheduled for Next Month

All of the top U.S. wireless carriers offer versions of the Android OS-based Samsung Galaxy S, though under different names. No matter what the name, Samsung says that upgrades to[...]

T-Mobile Hoping To Offer the iPhone this Year

Thanks to an exclusive contract with Apple, AT&T has been the only wireless carrier in the U.S. allowed to offer the extremely popular iPhone. T-Mobile USA is hoping to change[...]

Nokia N900 Review

The Nokia N900 is a new smartphone with a WVGA screen, sliding keyboard, and a wide array of other high-end features. Antoine Wright gives his detailed impressions of Nokia's latest[...]

BlackBerry Curve 3G Review

The BlackBerry Curve 3G is an inexpensive consumer-oriented smartphone that uses the typical BlackBerry design and sports 3G wireless networking, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Shaun Mahal brings us this review.

HTC HD2 System Software Update Available Again

T-Mobile has re-released a system software update for its HTC HD2. This fixes some bugs on this high-end Windows phone, but an earlier version of the update had bugs of[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9650 Getting an Upgrade to OS 6.0, BlackBerry Storm2 Is Not

Today is the official unveiling of BlackBerry OS 6.0, and RIM has announced the short list of smartphones that will be getting upgrades. The two most recent Bold models are[...]

For iPod Touch-to-iPhone Conversion, Find a Peel or a tPhone

At least two Chinese companies have created some very special accessories for owners of an iPod Touch who can't afford an iPhone: cases that turn their handheld into a smartphone.

Samsung Vibrant Review

The Samsung Vibrant is currently the only high-end Android OS smartphone in T-Mobile's lineup. Antoine Wright brings us a review of a mobile with a large touchcreen, a fast processor,[...]

Google Nexus One Can Now Sync with Your PC or Mac

The Google Nexus One was designed to let users synchronize their data with online services, but some prefer to sync with their desktop computer. This group can turn to Mark/Space's[...]

Motorola Cliq Getting an Upgrade to Android OS 2.1

Motorola's CEO has promised that the Motorola Cliq, a smartphone offered by T-Mobile USA, will be getting an upgrade to the latest version of Google's Android OS at some point[...]

Android OS 2.2 Upgrade for Samsung Epic 4G, Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate Coming Very Soon

Samsung has just announced that it is starting to send out an Android OS 2.2 upgrade to all the models in its Galaxy S series. This will bring a number[...]

Best Wireless Phone Plans for Students

Many households today are sending their kids off to school with shiny new cell phones and wireless plans in hand. Choices around students' wireless phones can be much more complicated[...]

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Has Just Launched

The T-Mobile my Touch 4G hit store shelves this morning. This high-end model has one of the largest touchscreens offered by any of this carrier's Android OS-based models. It also[...]

Google Nexus One: It’s Official

The Google Nexus One has been officially announced, ending weeks of rumors and speculation. This Android 2.1-powered smartphone has been designed around a large, high-resolution, AM-OLED screen, but also offers[...]

T-Mobile G2 Review

The T-Mobile G2 is a Android OS smartphone that includes a flip-out QWERTY keyboard, a large screen, and other high-end features. Mark Shryock brings us his review of this powerful[...]

The iPhone May Be Coming to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile

There have been persistent but unconfirmed reports that Verizon will be getting the Apple iPhone this year, ending AT&T's exclusive right to offer this very popular smartphone. According to an[...]

LG Optimus T Review

The LG Optimus T is an entry-level Android OS phone available from T-Mobile. In his review, Mark Shryock says that despite its low price, this device gives first-time smartphone[...]

Motorola Defy Review

T-Mobile's Motorola Defy is a mid-range model running Google's Android OS. This smartphone has been designed to survive in day-to-day life, as it is water and scratch resistant as well[...]

Google Android OS 2.2 To Offer Mobile Hotspot, Flash Player

Google has taken the wraps off the next version of its mobile operating system. Android OS 2.2 will include a number of new features such as support for Adobe Flash,[...]

It’s Official: HTC HD2 Coming to T-Mobile USA this Spring

T-Mobile has announced that it will be the exclusive provider of the HTC HD2 in the U.S. This very high-end Windows phone offers a 1 GHz processor, and sports a[...]