Tablets and Netbooks 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Tablets and Netbooks Articles for 2003

PDA News – Vulcan PalmTop, New Covertec Cases, Pumatech Updates Enterprise, Palm Karate Game

Not many of these mini-laptops have made it, but this one looks really cool! Covetec has announced a Garmin iQUE case and new colors for others Pumatech has[...]

New Clie Announced – Welcome the Sony Clie PEG-UX50 (pictures)

Sony is waiting until tomorrow to announce this device in the US, but the Clie UX-50 is showing up on their Japanese site already. The spec sheet and pictures will[...]

Sharp Brings New Zaurus SL-C860 to Japan

Sharp has released an update to the popular C700 series Linux-based PDA. This one also takes the clamshell form factor that appears much like a mini-laptop.