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Popular Tablets and Netbooks Articles for 2012

Six Streaming Music Apps for the iPhone: Free Choice, But at What Price?

Streaming music apps let you get just the tunes that are really music to your ears. Apps are free, although the music might not be. Here are six top iPhone[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: Is Bigger Really Better?

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android smartphone that's large enough to skirt the line of being a tablet. It supports AT&T's super-fast 4G LTE service, and even comes with[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: Big, Powerful, Productive

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is huge with a 5.5-inch screen, and carries a ton of features. Is it just too much for a smartphone?

Square Credit Card Reader Review: Remarkably Easy

For iPhone and Android owners, Square Inc. offers a quick, simple, affordable way to take credit card payments. It's a handy solution if you're running a small business, or even[...]

Six Great Apps To Turn Your Apple iPhone into a TV

We all hate missing our favorite TV shows. Now, if you have to be away from your TV, you can always turn to your iPhone. With the right software (and[...]

Can the Samsung Galaxy Note Replace Your Tablet?

We take a look at the Galaxy Note "phablet" as a potential replacement for your tablet. Can you do everything you need to do on the go with something that[...]

Time Warner Cable Customers Can Use their iPhone to Control their TV

Time Warner Cable has introduced TWC TV for iPhone, a free app for its customers that allows them to watch live TV from within their home, change channels, and manage[...]

Apple Vs. Samsung: Case Overview for the Patent Trial of the Century

As two mobile giants prepare for what's gearing up to be a titanic battle over patents, here's everything you need to know to get up to speed on Apple vs.[...]

Study Reveals Who Has the Fastest 4G and 3G Service

Although there are a range of factors that can be used to compare wireless carriers, one of the more popular ones is speed. Is AT&T's LTE service faster than Verizon's?[...]

Apple iPhone Receives iOS 5.1.1 Update

iPhone users, as well as owners of the iPod touch or iPad, received an update to iOS version 5.1.1 today, which contains a litany of bug fixes and improvements to[...]

Norton Mobile Security Adds First iPhone and iPad Protection

Norton Mobile Security this week added its first Apple iOS client, along with a new pricing model for safeguarding iPhones, iPads, and Android devices alike.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Might be Even Larger than First-Gen Tabletphone

Because of its unusual design featuring a very large display, the Samsung Galaxy Note surprised many when it became a hit. Now its maker is reportedly working on a successor[...]

Google Android 4.2 Offers Photo Sphere and More

Google just made Android 4.2 official. This won't be a dramatic upgrade, but it will bring some new features to this operating system for smartphones and tablets.

LG Intuition Review: Smartphone and Tablet

The LG Intuition skirts the line between smartphone and tablet. Read on to see our thoughts on this Android device, which has a 5-inch display, stylus, and 4G LTE.

Sony Launches SmartWatch: Android-Powered Wristwatch

Today, Sony launched SmartWatch MN2: a wristwatch-like device that allows owners to read text messages, social updates and emails, manage calls, as well as control music that is on an[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note’s Android OS 4.0 Upgrade Delayed

The release of a major system software upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Note has been pushed back. On the other hand, Samsung promises the new version of Google's operating system[...]

Verizon Begins Easing Customers Out of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon's switch over to its new shared data plans -- which happened this morning -- marks the beginning of the end for those of its subscribers who still have an[...]

iPhone Users Can Now Watch Sprint TV for Free

Sprint has introduced a version of its streaming TV service that works on the iPhone. This includes some free channels like Disney and ESPN Mobile, as well as subscriptions that[...]

BLOG: Larry Page Is Destroying Google

A new blog post from Brighthand's site editor discusses the accusation from a former Google executive that the new CEO of Google has made the company into something that no[...]

Verizon Wireless Must Allow Free Tethering After FCC Ruling

Thanks to a ruling by the FCC, a large number of Verizon Wireless customers will once again be able to tether freely, without having to pay a monthly fee to[...]