Toshiba 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Toshiba Articles for 2002

UPDATE: Details leaking on the Toshiba e740 Pocket PC (pictures)

It sounds as if Toshiba plans to support thier new PDA with a bunch of optional equipment. The first piece we're hearing about is a larger battery pack that will[...]

REVIEW: Toshiba e740 Initial thoughts (Pics, Specs)

I'm not one to say that any particular Pocket PC device has a huge advantage over any other, but my initial reaction to the Toshiba e740 is that it has[...]

Finally a portable keyboard for Toshiba Pocket PC owners

Toshiba e740/310/330/335 owners or prospective buyers rejoice! There is finally a foldable keyboard to meet your needs. Want to know the best part? It's $20 cheaper than most other PDA[...]

Toshiba to Release Redesigned Bluetooth SD Card

Toshiba has announced that it will be releasing a Bluetooth SD card that is smaller and more energy efficient than its current one.

Toshiba announces Pocket PC e330 Series

It surfaced on Toshiba Germany's website last month, now the ultra-thin e330 is a reality in the U.S.

REVIEW: Toshiba e740

The Toshiba e740, released to the world last month, is one of two XScale processor featured PDAs on the market (the HP iPaq 3900 series being the other PDA enhanced[...]

Toshiba to release three new Pocket PCs in Japan

Toshiba will release three new handhelds this month in the Land of the Rising Sun, two of which will have 128 MB of RAM.

Toshiba recalls thousands of their e740 Pocket PC’s

Due to a battery issue that may result in the loss of critical data, Toshiba is recalling the popular e740 Pocket PC. The first PDA to integrate WiFi, Toshiba has[...]

Belkin Offering Keyboard for Toshiba Pocket PCs

Belkin has developed a portable keyboard for the Toshiba e330, e335, and e740 Pocket PC.

New Toshiba e330 Released in Germany

The new Toshiba e330 was released in Germany today. This release came from out of the blue, and we don't know if Toshiba plans to offer the e330 worldwide.[...]

New PDA’s from Toshiba and HP officially announced – UPDATE New pics of all the devices

Expect a flurry of activity today for Microsoft OS based handhelds as Microsoft kicks off its first developer conference for mobile devices in London. Microsoft is expecting over 1,000 developers[...]

New Toshiba Pocket PC e740 due out in 1-2 weeks!

Toshiba may have hit one out of the park. With HPaq in somewhat dissaray, Toshiba is running through the door with new handhelds. The e310 that came out a few[...]

Toshiba Japan Announces Three New Pocket PC’s

Toshiba Japan has confirmed the release of the Genio e550 Pocket PC which comes in a number of different models. They all come with a 400MHz Intel Xscale PXA250 and[...]

BrightBytes™: Toshiba, Agendus, Symbian, and more

Toshiba recalls some e740 models; iambic releases Agendus for Windows; Samsung to use Symbian OS in some future handsets

And then there were three – Toshiba confirms two new PPC’s today, the e330 and e335. Here’s the rub, neither are $300!

In an iPAQ-esque move, Toshiba has confired two new units, which are near mirrors of each other. The Pocket PC e330 and e335. They differ in price by $50 and[...]

Toshiba’s e310 successor, the e330 Pocket PC

Toshiba Germany's website lists an upcoming Pocket PC called the e330. Much like the ultra-thin e310, but with more memory and a faster processor, the e330 has yet to be[...] 15% Off Coupon – PDA Savings!

15% Off Everything and Free shipping at means some great savings on PDAs, such as the Toshiba e310 for $339 with free shipping, check out what they have and[...]

Electric Fuel Announces New INSTANT POWER(TM) Chargers For Audiovox, Sharp and Toshiba PDAs

Electric Fuel Corporation (Nasdaq: EFCX - news) today announced the introduction of 3 new INSTANT POWER(TM) PDA chargers, for the Audiovox Maestro, the Sharp Zaurus and the Toshiba Genio.

Whose Lunch Will Dell Eat Next?

We all know Dell as the giant in direct sales of configurable PCs. Two years ago Dell started reselling printers, handhelds and peripherals made by other companies and we[...]

Toshiba e740 Hits the Shelf (Officially!)

The Toshiba e740 officially hit the virtual shelves of the web today. The e740 marks the first PDA available with integrated Wi-Fi (Bluetooth in Europe) and the Intel X-Scale[...]