Treo 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Treo Articles for 2002

New Palm software to tie together all your instant messanging clients

PDAapps has just released VeriChat for Palm based devices with internet connections like the Treo series and Kyocera 7135. Now you can bring your Yahoo!, MSN and AOL chat all[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM 857, Bluetooth GPS, Treo 270 in China

RIM is increasing the 857's memory, Socket is releasing a Bluetooth GPS receiver for the Pocket PC, the Treo 270 will soon be available in China, and more.

Handspring Treo 300 Released! (Pictures)

Sprint today announced that its CDMA 2000 wireless network, being touted as PCS Vision will be available starting next week. The Handspring Treo 300 will run on the new[...]

BrightBytes™: Inbox to Go, Treo Mail, Presenter-to-Go

Dataviz releases email app that can handle MS Office attachments, Handspring updates Treo Mail, and MARGI Systems has a special on its Presenter-to-Go Springboard module.

RUMOR: Handspring Treo 300 This Week?

We are expecting to hear more about the Handspring Treo 300 smartphone as the week progresses. The Treo 300 will be the same as the colored Treo 270, but[...]

It’s A(nother) new Treo from Handspring

Handspring will apparently be offering a new version of its Treo, the Treo 300, that includes integration with Sprint's new 3G wireless network to be rolled out next month.

Use SD Peripherals with Treo 90

Handspring has made available on its site an update which will allow the Treo 90 to use not just memory cards in its SD slot, but other peripherals too, including[...]

BrightBytes™: Card Export, Gameloft, pdaGOLFPRO, Handspring, Sony Cases

Use a Palm as a Windows SD card reader, there are two new games from Gameloft, get golf tips from a pro, the Treo 270 is available in Mexico, Handspring[...]

Handheld Head-To-Head

NEW YORK - Whether Handspring likes it or not, its Treo Communicator device is going to be compared to the Blackberry e-mail pager.

Treo 180 Drops to $99 for the Holidays

Handspring and T-Mobile are offering a $150 rebate on the Treo 180 with GPRS service.

BrightBytes™: Treo 180, Total Remote, Sony, and More

Handspring has dropped the price of the Treo 180, a Pocket PC universal remote control add-on will be out next month, Sony is releasing colored versions of some of its[...]

Handspring’s Treo gets GPRS

Handspring and T-Mobile release software upgrade that enables instant email and web capability on Treo communicators

Vaja releases two new PDA cases

Recently Vaja has released two new pda cases for the Sony Clie 665 and the Handspring Treo 180/270/300. Check out these high quality cases.

Handspring Still Struggling Towards Profitability

Handspring says it sold more Treo smartphones last quarter than ever before but it had to push back its estimate of when it will first be profitable to the middle[...]

Handspring Gets the Phone/PDA Combo Right

In the rapidly evolving world of PDA phones, the much-awaited Handspring Treo 180 lives up to the hype that surrounded its announcement last fall: It delivers the slickest combination of[...]

Handspring Focuses Marketing Efforts on Smartphones

In the future, Handspring will concentrate on getting wireless carriers to market and sell its Treo smartphones, rather than marketing them itself and selling them through retail.

TrafficStat to help users monitor GPRS data transfer

One of the biggest problema with wireless services on the Treo or other Palm device, is not knowing how much data has been transfered. With most mobile plans, users are[...]

Quick Hits: Handspring news, Overstock Deals

Handspring is expanding coverage for the Treo 20% off Handspring modules ends soon Free shipping and 5% off from Overstock

Treo components shortage easing

SAN FRANCISCO--Handspring started selling its Treo handheld-cell phone combination device in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the company's chief executive said the component shortage that has slowed the product's U.S.[...]

Handspring’s new PDA is a Treo 90 – UPDATE

As expected the Treo was pulled from the CompuSmart site. It had claimed availability May 29th. Handspring has confirmed a new device to be released prior to the end of[...]