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Popular US Cellular Articles for 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV vs. Galaxy S III: Should You Upgrade?

The next iteration of Samsung's flagship handset has been revealed. How does the Galaxy S IV compare to its predecessor?

Samsung Galaxy S IV Hands-On Preview

Following Samsung's Unboxed event in New York City tonight, we got to spend some face-to-screen time with its "next big thing," the Galaxy S IV.

More Americans Shunning Land Lines in Favor of Mobile Phones

Almost half the country is using cell phones, either entirely or partially. How is that changing things?

Samsung Galaxy S IV: From Rumor to Reality

Samsung went to Radio Music Hall tonight to take the wraps off its new signature smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

U.S. Cellular’s Samsung Galaxy S IV Pre-orders Start in Two Weeks

U.S. Cellular is the latest wireless carrier to announce pre-sale information for the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

White House Says Consumers Should Be Legally Permitted to Unlock Smartphones

The White House has publicly stated that consumers should be able to freely unlock their phones without the risk of criminal penalty or any other imposed punishment. Doing so is[...]

Seven US Carriers Will Launch the Galaxy S IV this Month

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will launch this month and everyone will be able to get their hands on one, as the manufacturer is realizing its new handset across seven[...]

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Reported to be Heading to US Cellar

According to prolific leaker @evleaks, Samsung's rumored Galaxy Mega 6.3 handset is expected to be heading to US Cellar.