Vodafone 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Vodafone Articles for 2008

Verizon Getting the Touchscreen-Based BlackBerry Storm

New information has emerged on what will be the first BlackBerry smartphone with a touchscreen, including its official name. This also indicates this device will be a world phone.

Brighthand FAQ: What’s the Difference Between CDMA and GSM?

Often when a new member of the Brighthand forum asks for advice on which device to buy, one of the questions that trips them up has to do with cell[...]

New Photo Circulating of Palm’s Next High-End Treo

A new photo of an upcoming smartphone from Palm Inc. -- code-named Drucker but likely to be marketed as the Treo 800w -- has now been seen for the first[...]

The Missing Sync Now Available for iPhone

Popular cross-platform synchronization software The Missing Sync by Mark/Space is now available for users of the Apple iPhone. This application makes it easier for users of other smartphones to switch[...]

Android-Based HTC Dream Available Unlocked

Many who are interested in Google's Android OS have been blocked from using it because it's currently available only on the T-Mobile G1. Fortunately for these people, there's now a[...]

BlackBerry Storm Updated to Improve Performance

RIM and Verizon Wireless have released a much-anticipated update for the new BlackBerry Storm that is expected to fix many of the problems early adopters have complained about.

BlackBerry Storm: A Potential iPhone Killer in the Enterprise

Although Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) refuses to say so explicitly, the company has delivered to enterprises a viable alternative to the iPhone with the new BlackBerry Storm.

An Advanced Look a Palm’s Next High-End Treo

There have been rumors for some time that Palm, Inc. is in the processor of developing the Treo 800w, its first smartphone with Wi-Fi, but details have always been sketchy.[...]

BlackBerry Storm Officially Unveiled

The first BlackBerry with a touchscreen is no longer only a rumor; it has been officially announced by by mobile phone companies on both sides of the Atlantic. *UPDATED*

Vodafone Roadmap Reveals More New Devices From Palm, HP

A leaked roadmap for Vodafone's 2008 releases includes listings for new smartphones from Palm and Hewlett-Packard.

Sprint Commits to New Windows Mobile 6.1 Treo

There have been rumors for some time that Sprint is prepping a new Treo smartphone based on Windows Mobile, and this telecom recently confirmed this.

Symbian, S60, and UIQ Undergoing Massive Changes

The Symbian operating system and the two most popular user interfaces for it, S60 and UIQ, have always been owned and developed by separate companies, but this will soon change.[...]

HP Voice Messenger Debuts

The latest Windows Mobile smartphone from HP is now aailable from Vodafone. The Voice Messenger has a keyboard, QVGA screen, and plenty of wireless capabilities.

Brighthand FAQ: What Are the Wireless Networking Options Going to Be in the Future?

Some of the frequently asked questions in the Brighthand forums are from people who are unfamiliar with WiMax and other emerging wireless networking standards. To help these people out, Adama[...]

HP Unveils Two iPAQ Smartphones

HP has just taken the wraps off two new Windows Mobile smartphones: the iPAQ Data Messenger and the iPAQ Voice Messenger.

The Year of the Smartphone, Slightly Held Up

2008 was supposed to be the "year of the smartphone" and in many ways it was. But, as Antoine Wright points out in his latest editorial, there were enough problems[...]

WSJ Says HP Prepping New Consumer-Oriented Smartphone

HP will soon introduce a new consumer-oriented iPAQ smartphone, which could be a device code-named the Oak which surfaced early this year.

BlackBerry Getting an iPhone-like App Store

Along with a touchscreen-based smartphone, RIM is reportedly readying an software store to rival Apple's App Store called the BlackBerry Application Center.

Analyst: Apple Will Sell 45 Million iPhones in a Year

At the launch of the original iPhone, Apple's Steve Jobs set a goal of selling 10 million of them by 2009. Some analysts are predicting that this would barely[...]

MiFi Mobile Hotspot Will Bring 3G To All Wi-Fi Devices

Novatel has announced the MiFi, a small and portable Wi-Fi hotspot that will have a built-in 3G cellular-wireless access.