Wi-Fi 2011 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Wi-Fi Articles for 2011

Boingo Wi-Finder for iPhone Review: Finding Hotspots Everywhere

In his review of Boingo Wi-Finder, Daniel Dern explains why this widely used Wi-Fi hotspot locator app can come in really handy when you're away from home or the office,[...]

Apple Announces 200 New iOS Features in iOS 5, Unveils iCloud, Ditches MobileMe

iOS 5, the next generation of Apple's OS for iPhones and iPads, will include 200 new features, said Apple's Steve Jobs on Monday. Highlights include Reminders, a new Game Center,[...]

Verizon Will Charge iPhone Users $20 a Month for Mobile Hotspot Service

Verizon's version of the iPhone 4 will have a feature not available to those with AT&T's version of Apple's smartphone: it will be able to share its cellular-wireless data connection[...]

Apple iOS 4.3 Could Bring Mobile Hotspot Software to All iPhones

Verizon's version of the iPhone 4 includes software that enables it to share its cellular-wireless data connection with other computers. This feature is reportedly going to be a standard part[...]

Samsung Indulge Android Phone Now on Cricket for $55 Per Month

Contract-free wireless provider Cricket has announced its first Android OS smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, as one of four phone offerings available under an "unlimited" Android wireless plan[...]

Analysts: App Downloads To Accelerate, Driven By Android and Apple

Driven by the rise of Apple and Android smartphones, touchscreens, and app stores, the numbers of app downloads will reach 48 billion by 2015, says a new study by analyst[...]