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HTC EVO 4G Review

The HTC EVO 4G is a powerhouse of a phone, packed with high-end features like a 4.3-inch touchscreen, 1 GHz processor, 8 MPx camera, and the 4G wireless standard[...]

HTC Droid Incredible vs. HTC EVO 4G: Which Is Better?

In the last month, two high-end Android OS smartphones have come on the market: Verizon Wireless has the HTC Droid Incredible, while Sprint's new flagship model is the HTC EVO[...]

HTC EVO 4G Could Be Coming to Verizon with LTE

Sprint made headlines last week when it announced the HTC EVO 4G, the first smartphone with WiMAX. According to an unconfirmed report, Verizon Wireless is going to be offering its[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Review

The Samsung Epic 4G is Sprint's second smartphone with WiMAX. This cutting-edge model runs Google's Android OS on a 1 GHz processor, and has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and slide-out keyboard.[...]

Who Has the Fastest 4G Network?

Of the four major U.S. wireless carriers, which one has the fastest 4G network? The test results are in, and there's little question as to which one takes the cake.

Samsung Galaxy S II vs. Samsung Epic 4G Touch: Sprint and T-Mobile Go Head-to-Head

Trying to decide between T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II and Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G Touch? These two are very similar, but not identical, and this comparison should help.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Review: Has It All

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is one of the most advanced smartphones available from Sprint. Jen Edwards brings us a review of this device, which is a version of the[...]

Samsung Nexus S 4G Review

The Samsung Nexus S 4G is a WiMAX-enabled version of the smartphone Google recommends for developers. It sports an innovative curved display, NFC, and many other high-end features. Read this[...]

HTC EVO Shift 4G Review: A Magnificant Mobile Messager

Those who want to use their smartphone to do a lot of emailing or texting should check out the HTC EVO 4G, an Android smartphone from Sprint that offers WiMAX,[...]

The iPhone May Be Coming to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile

There have been persistent but unconfirmed reports that Verizon will be getting the Apple iPhone this year, ending AT&T's exclusive right to offer this very popular smartphone. According to an[...]

Samsung Epic 4G First Look Review

Sprint's second smartphone with WiMAX, the Samsung Epic 4G, is going to launch at the very end of this month. Jamison Cush has already had a chance to try this[...]

T-Mobile USA On Track for 3G Rollout

T-Mobile USA was the big winner in the FCC's wireless spectrum auction that just wrapped up. This carrier was able to get significant amounts of new spectrum, a necessary step[...]

A WiMAX-enabled Smartphone Coming to Clearwire, But Not Soon

Those who would like to use a smartphone with Clearwire's WiMAX service are in for a bit of a wait: the company says it won't be releasing a 4G-enabled phone[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch vs. HTC EVO 3D: Which Sprint Smartphone is Top Dog?

Brighthand has tested all of the top smartphones, and can provide you with the insight you need to make the right decision. Today we're comparing two smartphones from Sprint, the[...]

Motorola Droid X vs. HTC EVO 4G: Which Is Better?

The Motorola Droid X the HTC EVO 4G are a pair of recently-released Android OS smartphones that have much in common, including very large displays and fast processors. So the[...]

Motorola Photon 4G Review: Powerful and Versatile

The Motorola Photon 4G packs in a dizzying array of features, including a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 4.3 inch high-res screen, 4G wireless internet, worldwide roaming, and a lot of[...]

HTC EVO Design 4G Review: A Good Value on Sprint

The HTC EVO Design 4G has a mid-range price, but includes some high-end features, such as a qHD (960 x 540) display, 4G, and dual-cameras. Read our review of this[...]

HTC EVO 3D Review: Brings 4G and 3D Together

The HTC EVO 3D offers a big 3D display and a 3D video camera, as well as 4G wireless networking. Read on for Jen Edwards' full review of this cutting-edge[...]

HTC ThunderBolt vs. HTC EVO 4G: Battle of the Flagship Android Smartphones

For those who are in the market for the best smartphone available, regardless of carrier, we bring you a head-to-head comparison of Verizon's and Sprint's flagship smartphones: the HTC ThunderBolt[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Release Date Officially Announced

Sprint has revealed that the much-anticipated Samsung Epic 4G is going to launch at the very end of this month, and that it will cost more than had been predicted.[...]