WiMAX 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular WiMAX Articles for 2005

Mobile WiMax Has the Potential to Change the Wireless World

A technology called Mobile WiMax may eventually replace Wi-Fi wireless networking for handhelds and laptops.

Splash Money 4 Personal Finance Manager Review (Palm OS)

One of the best reasons to own a PDA these days is that some models have wireless internet options. Being wireless is great for the occasional email, getting directions, or[...]

Sprint May Switch to Mobile WiMAX

According to an unconfirmed report, Sprint eventually plans to give up using CDMA and related wireless networking standards and switch entirely to Mobile WiMAX.

PDA News – PocketPC statistics, Palm rumors, Mobile WiMax

Spb surver results illuminate PocketPC usage Rumor: Palm to launch Linux-based smartphones IEEE approves mobile WiMax standard

WiMax May Be Coming to a BlackBerry Near You

Reportedly, Research in Motion and Intel have come to an agreement related to WiMax wireless networking.

PDA News – Fake Axim pic, 3 GB Smartphone, Opera Mini on Windows

Fake photo of Axim X51 Samsung i300 3 GB smartphone now FCC approved Opera Mini browser on Windows Mobile WiMax coming to Athens, Georgia [...]

PDA News – WiMax testing, WiMax threatens monopolies, Satellite WiMax?

WiMax now undergoing certification testing Editorial: WiMax threatens monopolies PanAmSat promises WiMax via satellite

PDA News – Wireless Broadband, ZigBee SDIO, Wireless MMX 2

Samsung to push 'WiBro' wireless broadband 802.15.4 ZigBee SDIO card released Intel updates Wireless MMX technology Petition: Opera web browser for Palm OS

PDA News – iPaq OS upgrades, 4G wireless broadband, Motorola brings mobile WiMax

HP promises new buyers free OS upgrade 100 megabit mobile broadband--in Japan Motorola to produce mobile WiMax hardware

PDA News – 1 GHz handhelds, Axim batteries, Aussie WiMax

Intel demonstrates 1+ GHz handheld processor Mugen shipping 1800 mAh Axim batteries Intel, Unwired Australia partner to deliver mobile WiMax

PDA News – Silly Palm rumor, Cingular to launch 3G, Blackberry on Palm OS

Report: Palm planning Linux "feature phone" Cingular to launch wireless broadband November 1st Palm, RIM offer Blackberry client for Treo Three new Nokia smartphones [...]

PDA News – One Million Treos, Treo giveaway, Enterprise messaging

Treo 600 passes one million sold PalmOne gives away Treos RIM, Microsoft to push enterprise IM Intel releases WiMax chipset