WiMAX 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular WiMAX Articles for 2008

HTC MAX 4G: World’s First WiMAX Smartphone

The HTC MAX 4G, the worlds first integrated GSM/WiMAX handset, has just been announced. This is a Windows Mobile device with a WVGA touchscreen, GPS, and 4G service.

New Asus Eee PC, OQO 02 Demonstrated On Sprint WiMax Network

Manufacturers Asus and OQO yesterday demonstrated new versions of their Eee PC and Model 02 devices with built-in WiMAX, suitable for use on Sprint's "Xohm" network when it launches later[...]

Possible First Glimpse of the Nokia N830 Internet Tablet *UPDATED*

Nokia has committed to releasing an Internet Tablet with the 4G standard WiMax, but so far has declined to give any details on this upcoming model. Thanks to a slip-up[...]

Nokia N810 WiMax Edition’s Price Revealed

An online retailer has begun taking pre-orders for Nokia's upcoming Internet Tablet with the 4G wireless standard WiMax.

Asus May Be Planning Eee PC with WiMax, Larger Screen

New information suggests that Asus may be planning a new version of its popular Eee PC sub-notebook for release this year that will feature a larger screen and internal WiMax.

Verizon, AT&T Will Use Their New 700 MHz Spectrum for 4G Service

Both Verizon and A&T will use their recently acquired 700 MHz spectrum -- for which they are paying billion in license fees -- for their fourth generation wireless networks using[...]

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition Preview

Earlier this week, Nokia took the wraps off the N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition, an upcoming Mobile Internet Device (MID) that will include 4G wireless networking technology. Nokia was demonstrating[...]

Sprint XOHM WiMAX Service Finally Launches

Almost a year after it was first demonstrated publicly, Sprint's XOHM WiMAX service is finally commercially available... at least in one city.

The Five Biggest News Stories of CTIA

The CTIA tradeshow was this week, and it was chock full of announcements, some big but many of them small. In an attempt to make sure that the important news[...]

Australian WiMAX Provider Declares the Technology a ”Disaster”

The CEO of the first WiMAX provider in Australia declared recently that WiMAX technology has "failed miserably" in its application by his company.

Announcement of Apple’s Newton-Like Device May Not Be Coming Tomorrow

With the Macworld tradeshow kicking off Tuesday, rumors of what will -- and won't -- be announced are flying thick and fast. According to one report, the Newton-like device Apple[...]

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2007; How Did We Do?

Now is the time when people traditionally make predictions for the coming year, but only the bravest look back and discuss how they scored on the previous year's predictions.

HTC May Be Bringing Out Its First Smartphone with WiMAX

HTC has unveiled the Quartz, its first Windows Mobile device with the 4G wireless service WiMAX.

Nokia Officially/Unofficially Confirms WiMax Internet Tablet

Nokia has given the world a sneak peek at its next major product, a version of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with the 4G wireless networking standard WiMax.

Nokia Officially Announces WiMAX-Equipped Internet Tablet *Updated*

Nokia has unveiled a version of its popular Internet Tablet devices that supports the new WiMAX networks expected to launch later this year.

Brighthand FAQ: What Are the Wireless Networking Options Going to Be in the Future?

Some of the frequently asked questions in the Brighthand forums are from people who are unfamiliar with WiMax and other emerging wireless networking standards. To help these people out, Adama[...]

Nokia Internet Tablet with WiMax Coming in Q2?

It's no secret that Nokia plans to release an Internet Tablet with WiMax in 2008, but so far the company hasn't said when this will happen. According to an unconfirmed[...]

Nationwide, Open-Access Wireless Network on the Way

One of the more significant auctions for wireless spectrum in recent memory has reached an important milestone: the price for one of the nationwide licenses has risen to the point[...]

AT&T Wants To Block Sprint/Clearwire Merger

AT&T, the US' largest wireless provider, has asked the Federal Communications Commission to block the planned merger of Sprint's WiMAX division with Clearwire.

Sprint Delays WiMAX Launch

Sprint has announced that its hotly-anticipated launch of the WiMAX service that the company has planned under the "Xohm" name will be delayed until an undisclosed point in 2008.