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Popular Windows Phone Articles for 2011

HTC Trophy Review: A Windows Phone for Verizon

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS is finally here on the Verizon network in the form of the HTC Trophy, and the phone itself is a solid piece of hardware that[...]

Why Today’s College Student Should Have a Smartphone

Phones today have become mobile connections to the entire world, doing just about anything a laptop can do. According to Brighthand's intern, a college student himself, anyone attending a university[...]

HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone Might Debut from Sprint in February

At CES last week, Sprint's CEO showed off his company's upcoming model running Windows Phone 7. Today, Sprint invited journalists to an event that could be the launch of this[...]

Sprint Now the Only U.S. Carrier With an Unlimited Data Plan

Hard-core smartphone users who are looking for an unlimited wireless data plan have to check out Sprint, as this is the last of the top carriers in the United States[...]

House Passes Bill to Ban New Mobile Taxes for 5 Years

On Tuesday, the House approved a bill that would prohibit state and local governments from imposing new discriminatory taxes on mobile and wireless services, including cellphones and wireless broadband access,[...]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Review

Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft, and used on a number of smartphones from HTC, Samsung, and LG. Jen Edwards brings us a review of[...]

HTC Titan and HTC Radar Hands-on Preview

The first two smartphones unveiled with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) are the Titan and HTC Radar. The Radar is a mid-range device, but the Titan is shaping up to be[...]

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Devices May Arrive by Q4

For those disappointed about the long wait for the first Windows Phone 7 Nokia smartphones, there may be a small ray of hope: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop mentioned the possibility[...]

Samsung’s Upcoming Android and Windows Phone Devices Leaked

Thanks to a new leak detailing several of Samsung's upcoming Android, Windows Phone and bada devices, we now have a good idea of what the company's big runners this fall[...]

After-Christmas Sales Bring Savings on Smartphones

Christmas is the time of giving, but the post-holiday sales are about getting -- you getting yourself the things you really wanted but didn't receive as a gift. There are[...]

HTC Arrive Review

The HTC Arrive will be Sprint's first device running Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, plus it will have a QWERTY keyboard and a slide-and-tilt screen. It's not going to be released[...]

Should You Get a 4G Smartphone?

This holiday buying season, plenty of would-be smartphone owners are looking at 4G phones, wondering what benefits there are to 4G, and whether they need them. We'll take a look[...]

Net Neutrality: Will It Protect Consumers or Hurt Businesses?

The proponents of net neutrality believe that Internet service providers should not be allowed to block their customers from using services offered by rival companies. Not surprisingly, some wireless service[...]

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Review: Building a Better OS

Not too long ago, the major Windows Phone 7 update known as "Mango" was finally released. Designed to patch up many of the holes in the first version of the[...]

Are Smartphone Cases Really Necessary?

Brighthand's Site Editor has always carried his smartphone around without any kind of a case, but a recent mishap has caused him to reconsider this. So he's looking for reader[...]

Nokia’s First Two Windows Phones Could Be Modified X7 and N8

Nokia is supposedly going to take a shortcut to get its initial models running Microsoft Windows Phone on the market: it's going to take two devices that were designed for[...]

HTC Arrive First-Look Review

The HTC Arrive will be Sprint's first device running Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, plus it will have a QWERTY keyboard and a slide-and-tilt screen. It's not going to be released[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for April 2011

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Five new models appeared on this month's list[...]

Can Nokia Win the Smartphone War?

Nokia has been the king of the world handset market for almost as long as anyone can remember, but recently its crown has begun to slip. In his latest column,[...]

Nokia Dropping Symbian and MeeGo, Going with Windows Phone 7

In a dramatic change of strategy, Nokia announced a plan this morning to make Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 its default operating system. In the future, Nokia will stop developing operating[...]